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When Intamin Visits

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When Intamin Visits

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A few weeks ago, our GM Jason tweeted a cryptic photo - and I know many of you tried to figure out what was going on.

Are we getting a new ride? Are we planning for the future? Did Jason just want a nice lunch at Bay Harbor??

Well, the answer is, none of those.

Over the years, Cedar Point has had the assistance from ride maker Intamin in creating some of the biggest and best coasters in the world. 

It started with Wilderness Run. Then came Millennium Force, the world's first "giga-coaster." Then came the tallest and fastest inverted impulse coaster (it still holds those records), Wicked Twister

After that, the "strata-coaster" was born with Top Thrill Dragster.

And the fifth Intamin coaster at Cedar Point didn't go high - it stayed low. And what a ride it is. I'm talking about Maverick.

Obviously, we're not the only park that Intamin works with. They've been in business for 50 years and have created rides and coasters for parks all over the world.

To celebrate their 50th Anniverary, a special book was printed, highlighting all of their attractions throughout the company's history. And that's what Jason had in the photo. Truth be told, I'm bummed I don't have one. It's pretty neat.

Representatives from Intamin made the rounds and stopped to see our leadership team to personally deliver the books and to meet - I don't know what was said in the meeting, and Jason's not talking.

But congratulations to Intamin, and thanks for having us be a part of your history, and for being a part of ours.

From L to R: Vittorio Fabbri (Intamin), Rob Decker & Monty Jasper (Cedar Fair), Jason McClure (Cedar Point), Sandor Kernacs and Patrick Spieldiener (Intamin).

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