Sunrise Thrills VIP Tour at Cedar Point

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Sunrise Thrills VIP Tour

The Sunrise Thrills VIP Tour will take you to the top of Valravn in the lift elevator where you will get once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. That’s not all – you’ll also explore behind-the-scenes areas at Valravn and some of Cedar Point’s other roller coasters including Millennium ForceMaverick and Steel Vengeance! You’ll get a few other perks including immediate boarding on Maverick and Steel Vengeance and two one-time-use Fast Lane vouchers to skip the lines on your favorite coasters later in the day! Plus enjoy an all-day FunPix photo pass to capture your favorite ride photos, along with complimentary breakfast, lunch and parking!

Participants must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult and must be at least 52" tall to ride in the elevator on Valravn. Minimum 2 guests required to purchase and participate. Park admission required.

The Sunrise Thrills VIP Tour has ended for the 2021 season.