More At-Home Indoor Learning Activities for Kids

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More At-Home Indoor Learning Activities for Kids

Tony Clark |
April 2, 2020

While we all search for new ways to make learning at home more fun, we found a few that will add to the fun activities we shared yesterday.

Cue the Peanuts Gang!

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and the rest of our friends are taking part in some great learning lessons, like space exploration, learning about the planets and NASA and activities celebrating spring (and as I see the sun outside here in Sandusky, I think we all need more spring-like vibes).

All lessons are geared for grades K-8 and include detailed worksheets organized by grade level. 

Activities are designed to help reinforce skills like problem-solving, STEM skills, creative thinking, language arts skills, math skills and character building. 

Visit the Peanuts Online Learning Center here to access these worksheets! 


  • Make sure to download the ‘parent guides’ for the corresponding grade level.
  • Take note of the materials you’ll need for experiments and organize them in advance. 
  • Use the questions provided in the guide to ask your child during the activity to keep them learning and engaged!

In addition to the Peanuts activities, Cedar Point also has great workbooks that are normally used during our Physics, Science & Math Days. Now's a great time to use these resources at home.

We've created these lessons with help from educational partners to challenge young minds. Download the workbooks here for Middle School and High School

What activities are you doing at home to keep the kiddos engaged? What about teens?