Castaway Bay Reveals

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Castaway Bay Reveals

Tony Clark |
December 7, 2021

In the past few weeks, we went inside our new Sawmill Creek Resort for an update on the renovation project.

Today, we’re starting to peel back the layers of the completely transformed Castaway Bay. Like Sawmill Creek, Castaway Bay has been closed while we update the interior, including rooms, lobby, common spaces and a whole lot more.

Located on the corner of Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive (you’ve likely passed it on your way to the park), Castaway Bay features 237 guest rooms, a family-focused indoor waterpark, arcade and several dining options.

When it reopens in the spring, it will have even more to offer. We’ll reveal all that’s new as we survive the winter together!

The biggest change you’ll see is the overall look of the property, and that starts with a new color palette. And the color palette is anchored by a completely new logo.



Without further a-do….



….drumroll please…



…it’s coming I swear…




The new look really sets the tone for Castaway Bay’s story. And that story goes deeper than the logo.

This is also your introduction to a new member of our family – Gordy the turtle. As your host, Gordy has many interests, including telling good stories and meeting all different varieties of creatures.

You’ll see Gordy a lot while you’re at Castaway Bay, but of course, he’s not the only friendly creature who’s checked in with you.

You’ll meet all his friends a little later. Besides, we didn’t want to quiz you on all their names right after meeting them!

You may have already seen the beginning of the exterior transformation and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty dramatic.

This new rendering shows your new entry experience:

With fresh, bright colors, architectural changes, a new logo and an entire sea's worth of activities, Castaway Bay will be unlike any of our overnight resort hotels. 

We're diving deeper into the interior construction a little later, so prepare your swim trunks!