Sawmill Creek Update 1

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Sawmill Creek Update 1

Tony Clark |
November 23, 2021

As we look to the future of Cedar Point and the surrounding area, there are many exciting projects we are working on.

If you recall, just before our 2020 was interrupted, we announced significant changes to both our Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark Resort and the Sawmill Creek Resort. These two destination properties are located off the peninsula and offer two completely different experiences for travelers.

Over the winter months, we’ll bring you inside these changes and upgrades and share some pretty exciting updates, including dates when you’ll be able to make reservations for a stay in 2022.

Today, we’ll focus on Sawmill Creek, located on Cleveland Road. This resort is about a 10-15 minute drive from Cedar Point’s entrance and offers a nature-inspired, modern lodge-style atmosphere. In addition to the rooms, restaurants, meeting spaces and a marina, Sawmill Creek features an excellent 18-hole golf course right on site.

Let’s check in and see how construction is going!

We’ll start at the entrance. Right now, it’s definitely a work in progress.

When complete, the entrance experience will feature a new roadway, entrance awnings and exterior enhancements. Here’s a digital rendering of what it should look like:

Just inside the main lobby, it’s pretty much a blank slate at the moment, but the entire area is receiving a makeover:

One of the coolest areas of the entire property is this circular atrium with its glass ceiling offering beautiful beams of natural light. It’s being refined into a comfortable place to meet, relax or just chill:

The dining experience at Sawmill Creek is also getting an upgrade. While we don’t have a menu to share at this point, this restaurant located near the lobby is in the process of an entire interior renovation. New lighting, seating and décor are on the way:

And inside the guest rooms, things are progressing nicely. At the moment, carpets and walls are complete with furniture and fixtures being delivered and installed each day:

There’s a lot more to share about the newest addition to our overnight destination selection, so stay tuned.

In the next week or so, we’ll go inside Castaway Bay to see how construction is progressing there.

Having seen both of these resorts, I can tell you that I’m pretty pumped to see the final results – you’re going to want to stay at either!