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Welcome Back for Cedar Point's Reopening 2020

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Cedar Point Open for Fall Weekends – Saturdays & Sundays

Fall is upon us and there’s still time to have fun - safely.

We want you to have a great day at Cedar Point and feel safe when visiting, so we’ve developed an extensive coronavirus reopening plan – new processes and enhanced procedures throughout the park to help reduce the spread of germs. We’re all in this together and by working together you can safely and confidently enjoy the thrills and fun that only Cedar Point can deliver.

These pages provide you with essential information for what to do before you arrive at Cedar Point, what you’ll see and experience when you arrive, and how to make the most of your visit—safely—while you’re here.

Welcome back!

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What You Can Expect

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Scheduling Your Visit
Reservations are required for visits from Oct. 3 - Nov. 1 for all guests.

Mobile App Required
At least one member of your group must have the park mobile app on their phone.

Face Coverings Required
All guests and associates will be required to wear face coverings while in the park.

Health Screenings
Health screenings and temperature checks will be required for all guests and associates.

Hand Sanitization
Hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout the park.

Use of Location Services
Enabling the Location Services feature in the park app allows us to send you real-time updates.

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Welcoming You Back Guide

Download a copy of our Welcoming You Back Guide to keep essential information on hand as you plan your visit to Cedar Point! 

Download Now
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