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The Swell Tones

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The Swell Tones at Cedar Point

Catch the smooth harmonies of this blast from the past!  They’re cruising the midways with a cool doo-wop style.  Be sure to catch them near Pinks Hotdogs or the Giant Wheel in the front of the park as they blend classic 50’s do wop hits with some new favorites!

  • Two performances daily at the Live Shows “Hot Spot” on the Main Midway
  • Additional performances daily in various locations near the front of the park
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  • Location
    Coasters Restaurant
  • Dates
    June 1 - August 18
  • SUN, T, W, TH, F, SAT
    1:00PM, 2:15PM, 3:30PM, 4:45PM, 6:00PM