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Around and around you go!

Around and around and around we go! Step into Camp Snoopy and take a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl. It may be located in an area dedicated to kids, but don’t underestimate the amount of fun this ride can dish out. Since 1999, when it opened, it has been a full-sized fun machine bringing families and friends closer than ever. Expect to be slid very close to each other, because this spin is relentless. This fan favorite is an amusement park classic and gives smiles to everyone, no matter your age. Grab your family or friends and sit three or four across as your freely-spinning car whirls around the gradual hills of the platform. Up down and round, what could be more fun? Will your car spin fast or slow? No one knows! Every ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl offers a different thrill, which is why our park goers are always coming back for more!

Height Requirement: 46" tall to ride alone OR be accompanied by a supervising companion. Guests less than 6 years old must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Hand held infants are not permitted.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height Accompanied <46"
Min Height Alone 46"

Rider Safety Information

  • This is a circular ride where cars pivot by centrifugal force created by the ride's rotating table.
  • Maximum Weight – 800 lb. per car.
  • A shared lap bar secures all riders in the row across the thighs and pelvis.
  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities.
  • Two functioning arms are sufficient instead of three functioning extremities if the guest has a normal center of gravity and lower extremities are sufficiently strong to maintain proper riding posture under the dynamic conditions of the ride. Amputations must be at the knee or below.
  • Guests must demonstrate appropriate observed behavior or ride with a supervising companion.
  • Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collar bone, or braced arm cast are not permitted to ride.
  • Alternate access is mainstreamed via the ride entrance. Riders will have to take several steps, on their own or with the assistance of a companion, and be capable of stepping up and over the side of the ride unit.
  • Please do not use the ride restraints for support while entering and exiting, as they will shift.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance page for additional Accessibility information.
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