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Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown

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Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown

Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown

Reserve your ticket for this exclusive event starting Tuesday, April 10 for the chance to ride the all-new, record-breaking Steel Vengeance, Maverick, the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Antique Cars and Wave Swinger*. All attendees will have the opportunity to sample select FrontierTown food & beverage items, play western-themed games and meet the Steel Vengeance outcasts, Blackjack, Chess & Digger. 

Event tickets for the Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown are free and available only to Season & Platinum Passholders while supplies last. When reserving your ticket, a valid 2018 Season or Platinum Pass ID number is required. Passholders will be able to choose one of the three event days to attend. 

Upon arrival, guests will be given a one-time boarding pass for Steel Vengeance* for their chosen day. Further instructions for attendees will be available on the event ticket. 

Limited tickets available each day. Only one reservation per passholder for the duration of event. Must present valid 2018 Season or Platinum Pass and event ticket for admission. Bring-a-friend tickets are not available for these event days. No Early Entry. 

*Rides may not be available due to weather or maintenance conditions. Guests must meet all posted rider safety requirements to ride.

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Who can attend this event?

2018 Platinum Passholders and 2018 Cedar Point Season Passholders are invited to attend with a valid event ticket. Guests MUST have an event ticket as well as valid 2018 Platinum or Season Pass to attend. 

How much does the event ticket cost? 

Tickets to Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown are free. They’re available to valid 2018 Platinum or Season Passholders only. 

If I haven’t processed my Platinum or Season Pass, how can I reserve my ticket? 

For those who have purchased, but not redeemed their Platinum or Season Pass, they can use their barcode number on their e-voucher received when they purchased their pass online.  

Can I bring non-season passholders to this event? 

No, all attendees must present a valid 2018 Platinum or Season pass.

Can I attend all three days of Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown?

Each Platinum or Season Passholder can attend one of the three days. Access to all three days is unavailable. 

How can I process my Platinum or Season Pass prior to this event? 

The Season Pass Center will be open from 3:00 – 10:00 p.m. on all event days. For the full pre-season Season Pass Center schedule, visit our Season Pass Processing page

What rides will be available?

Steel Vengeance, Maverick, the CP & LE Railroad, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Antique Cars, Wave Swinger. 

Ride availability subject to weather and maintenance conditions.

Will I be able to ride Steel Vengeance during Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown? 

Each guest will be given a boarding pass to ride Steel Vengeance upon arrival, valid for one Steel Vengeance ride only. Guests must meet all rider requirements in order to ride. Ride availability subject to weather and maintenance conditions.

Will food and beverage be available? 

Yes, select locations will be available for guests to try complimentary food and beverage samplings. Dining plan and drink plan usage will be unavailable during the Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown. 

Can I use my dining plan and drink plan during the Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown?

No, dining plans and drink plans will be unavailable for use during the event. Select food and beverage locations will be available for complimentary samples. 

Can I stay at a Cedar Point Resort for Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown? 

Castaway Bay room-only rates will be available. Passholders have access to an exclusive rates at Castaway Bay starting at just $79 on 4/30, 5/1 and 5/2. The waterpark will not be open during this time. A separate ticket is required to attend the preview night.

Reserve online now or call 419-627-2106 and use promo code PASS.

Will there be a parking fee? 

No, parking is free for all attendees for all three event dates. 

Can I park in the back of the park and enter at the Resort Gate? 

No, parking is ONLY available in the main parking lot. Additionally, entrance to the park is only available at the Front Gate. The Resort Gate, Marina Gate and Beach Gate will not be open.

Can I buy merchandise? 

Yes, select merchandise locations will be available in FrontierTown only. 

When will I be able to reserve my ticket?

Tickets will be available on the afternoon of April 10, 2018.