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Congratulations to the Everyday Hero Winners of Cedar Point's Ticket of a Lifetime!

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Congratulations to our Everyday Heroes Ticket of a Lifetime Winners!

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Ticket of a Lifetime Winners Everyday Heroes

Thank you to all who nominated someone as an Everyday Hero! Thousands of nominees were entered and because of the amazing amount of stories you shared with us, we have chosen to give away five extra Tickets of a Lifetime. Congratulations to the 15 winners and to all who were nominated – your stories were inspiring to read – and an uplifting reminder of people’s kindness, resilience and courage. We are honored and humbled to give these heroes a lifetime of FUN to Cedar Point. 

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ROGER B. | Medina, OH

Director, Medina Personal Care Pantry
Nominated by his wife Ginny B.

Roger is a retiree who runs the Medina Personal Care Pantry that provides essential personal care products such as laundry detergent; toilet paper; hand sanitizer; soap; alcohol; disinfecting wipes; cleaning products, and other items that cannot be purchased with SNAP funds, to families in need in Medina County. 

Roger purchases products, then with the help of an amazing group of volunteers, packs bags to be handed out to eligible families at a monthly drive-through event.  Roger does all the shopping, loads up his car and literally picks up thousands of rolls of toilet paper and unpacks them and other essential items at the Pantry site.  He takes orders from local senior citizen centers and personally delivers to those who cannot make it to the drive-through event. His efforts and those of his volunteers reach 200 families and youth each month. His passion for serving and helping so many without ever taking a penny of compensation makes him an EVERYDAY HERO.

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JAMES C. | Lansing, MI

Police Lieutenant, East Lansing Police Department
Nominated by his daughter, Angel C.

Cedar Point has been the summer highlight that my father has insisted we do as a family and have for almost 21 years now! It’s the place where my family goes to build stronger bonds and create family vacation memories that will last us a lifetime.

My father has risen to the challenges to keep many of our communities safe and inspires me everyday of my life, especially in times like these. As a police lieutenant, he is responsible for getting the police force more involved in the community and has made a huge impact through various organizations such as the Police Athletic League, Shop with a Cop, Police & Community Open Houses and more. With all that has been going on in the world in terms of civilians and police officers, my father works endlessly to not only build trust between his police department and the community, but uses his officer platform to show that there are still trustworthy and caring cops that exist in this world. He is an EVERYDAY HERO.

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NATHAN R. | Toledo, OH

Staff Sergeant, 180th Air Force Fighter Wing; Freelance Photographer
Nominated by co-worker, Kristen C.

Nate works for the Air Force at the 180th fighter wing in Toledo Ohio. I’ve served with him side by side and he has selflessly served this great nation. During this pandemic, he started up a project called “Toledo Front Steps Project.”  Nathan went around and took family pictures, of people on their porches, from a safe distance. The only thing he asked in return was that there be a donation made to the United Way of Greater Toledo.  So far, he has raised over $9,000 (and still climbing) for an emergency relief fund. Not only has this man donated months of his time, he’s lifted the spirits of so many, all while giving back to our community. I love the fact he’s not only served and deployed for this nation, but also recognizes the importance of being a servant to his community. His character and willingness to help in any way is absolutely amazing, all while not expecting anything back or any recognition. Nathan is an EVERYDAY HERO in many ways.

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MARCIA D. | Brice, OH

Bartender, Forbidden Root Brewery
Nominated by her husband, Paul D.

Marcia lost two jobs at the beginning of the pandemic and saw a need to support other co-workers who were now without an income and those who were now house-bound. On March 18, Marcia began cooking food for people in need. Anyone who expressed the need to be fed (so anyone) received a meal, free of charge. All she asked for was a small donation of protein or spare change to pay the next meal forward.

As of May 19, Marcia has fed over 600 individuals using her own money that came from her own unemployment and through donations. For 46 nights, we delivered food to families in every corner of Columbus, OH, covering more than 4,000 miles so they could have a hot and delicious meal. This selfless act of kindness by Marcia has reached every sector of people you can imagine. We fed elderly, restaurant workers and hairdressers who are out of work, overworked nurses and ER docs, firefighters, 911 operators, cops, and anyone else who needed it. Marcia is an EVERYDAY HERO.

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AUDREY D. | Atlanta, GA

Nominated by her dad, Benjamin D.

My nominee is my daughter. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma (cancer) at the age of 5. Audrey has survived two relapses and endured years of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and experimental trials. Her positive attitude and her commitment to help others has not wavered even during this pandemic.

Although Audrey is just 16 years old, she started her own charity, called Audrey’s Angels, making Christmas tree ornaments from soft drink cans in the shape of angels. To date, Audrey has raised more than $70,000 for cancer research and family support. She works tirelessly making these angels in hopes that one day there will be a cure so that no other child has to endure what she did. She is truly the most selfless person I know and even though her body has been broken down by treatments, her spirit has allowed her to overcome every obstacle placed in front of her. She continues making her ornaments through her quarantine and has even started making masks for those who do not have them.

This ticket would be a dream come true for her. Two years ago, I took her to Cedar Point where she quickly became a coaster fanatic. Cedar Point has become her favorite place on Earth. It is a place where she can have fun, be free and relive so much of the childhood that she missed. 

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MARGIE G. | Temperance, MI

Retiree and Grandma
Nominated by her daughter, Connie G.

Margie is not an essential worker, she is just someone’s Grandma. When this horrible pandemic hit, she wanted to help in some way, but what could a 65-year-old retired person do? When she heard about the mask shortage, she kicked it in high gear, with the help of her grandsons, Ethan, Braden and Evan. They cut the material and she sewed, making and donating over 6,000 masks to date for hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes, grocery stores and many more throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

While working and sewing, she had an idea to help local restaurants in dire need. She would sell some masks on social media and use all the proceeds to purchase gift cards from hurting restaurants and distribute them to front line workers including postal workers, food service and janitorial staff at hospitals and nursing homes.  To date she has raised and with the help of her grandsons distributed over $5,000 in gift cards.

Although she may not be a doctor or a nurse, she is a hero in her own respect, as heroes come in many different forms. She has taught me the kindness of the American people showing we truly are, “All In This Together.”

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KATHLEEN G. | Royal Oak, MI

Child Life Specialist
Beaumont Children’s Hospital
Nominated by her daughter Keira G.

My mother, Kathleen, is a Child Life Specialist who has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure patients both young and old are supported during their hospital stay.  At the beginning of the pandemic, she organized her team and created packets of games and activities for pediatric patients, since regular visits and play areas are on hold. She also organized an interactive CCTV program that offered trivia and activities to allow patients to play along with their peers safely. 

She pioneered a program called Virtual Caring Companions, which connects individuals via phone to call patients who are alone during their hospital stay, all to combat patient loneliness during this time.

My mother is my inspiration. She uplifts those around her, bringing a positive, caring, and passionate presence to everything she does. As a two-time cancer survivor, she has shown my sister and me what true strength is. Her work for our community and for our family has been immeasurable and for that, she’s an EVERYDAY HERO.

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KATHY G. | Willoughby, OH

3rd Grade Teacher, Sunview Elementary School
Nominated by her daughter, Melissa G.

My mom is a 3rd grade teacher at Sunview Elementary School who has gone above and beyond. After COVID-19 sent the kids home, she hand wrote all 18 students completely different and personal letters. She bought flowerpots, dirt and seeds and personally dropped them off at each child's home for them to decorate for Mother's Day. She organized a school wide parade for the kids, recorded herself reading books three times a week for the kids, had Google classroom meetings and meet sessions with individual kids who need some extra help and even included a child who moved schools in February so her classmates could see her again.

She helped parents on weekends, days off and after school hours to make their adjustment to online schooling a little bit easier. When she went in to pack the student's desks for them, she not only did that, but she also printed out coloring pages and scholastic books to keep them busy, and gave them candy for every "Fun Friday" that they missed, and again, typed them all individual messages to put in their bags. She is one of the most generous people and wants nothing in return. All she wants is the student's success. She deserves this so much and I hope I can get this for her so she knows that all of her hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

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LaSHAWN H. | Cleveland, OH

Registered Nurse
Nominated by her daughter, LaNia C. and sorority sister, Allison I.

What inspires me the most my mom is the fact that even with her losing her job in Cleveland, Ohio due to the virus she had no hesitation to pack up and go to Manhattan, New York to do her duties as a registered nurse. Not only did she relentlessly go into a major hot spot of COVID-19 but she did so while encouraging others to stay safe and did her best to share how to get through the pandemic on the news and on radio. In my eyes, she is a real super hero, saving lives, making an impact while potentially risking her own health. I applaud her because she has been so strong throughout this journey and continues to push through working 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week while being a influencer and a single mother of two. She is selfless, encouraging and does it all with a skip in her step and a smile on her face. If this isn’t the definition of a hero, I’m not sure what is.

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STEPHANIE M. | Muskegon, MI

Captain, Michigan Department of Corrections
Nominated by her daughter, Chanice J.

My mother, a 28-year employee, inspires me first, as my mother, because she unselfishly made sure I was able to experience all the things other children did.  She worked hard, sent me to learn and explore the world and when I was ready, believed in me and encouraged me to apply for a position in corrections. I quickly learned from others how inspirational my mom had been in their careers, which made me more determined to be as successful in the department.

During the pandemic, my mom volunteers to take daily temperatures on the job and coordinates appreciation efforts for facility staff. She also reaches out to seniors in our community to assist them with technology, so they can communicate and worship safely. She helps out with the school system to ensure students receive breakfast and lunch and has used her tax preparer skills to help the elderly receive their stimulus checks and other benefits. My mom is my hero because has she stepped up during the pandemic, but more importantly chooses volunteering and assisting others as her lifestyle, not only during times of crisis. 

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MIKE M. | Kokomo, IN

Firefighter and EMT
Nominated by friend Nick K. and wife, Kara M.

Mike is someone who puts his community and family first. He is a second-generation firefighter and now with COVID-19 finds himself on the front lines of the pandemic every day. During this time, his wife was unable to work as a hairstylist due to the shutdown, came down with COVID-19 symptoms herself but couldn’t get tested and two other family members caught the virus. Mike cared for them all, continued to work as a frontline essential worker and possible virus carrier to his family, became the sole income provider but didn’t miss a beat. 

Beyond who he is and what he does, it's important to note what Cedar Point means to us. Growing up, Cedar Point was a destination for our group of friends that we traveled to once a year.  It was there for us during the best times but more importantly it was there for us when times were tough.  I can remember going after family members passed, during times of financial trouble and stress, or when relationships were rocky.  While we were there, we were family and those troubles disappeared, even if for only a little while.  I know he intends for it to have just as special of place in his kids' hearts as it does in ours.

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RICHELLE L. | Newcomerstown, OH

Teacher, Newcomerstown Schools and Special Olympics Coordinator
Nominated by daughter, Chelsea L.

My name is Chelsea. I am 25 years old. I am have Down Syndrome. I am pick my mom because she is awesome. She help me to not be scared and be brave. She help my friends in Special Olympics because she do video and zoom meetings every day and have talent show and karaoke night on zoom. My mom have a birthday party on zoom for my friend Conner and my mom put parade for my team together. My boyfriend Logan have cancer and find out in April. My mom drive to hospital over and over again to help his mom and buy stuff for them. She write cards and sends package to her students and call them a lot. My mom work every day and she love me lots. When I am just a little girl my mom pick me to be her daughter. She is so awesome and loves everyone a lot. My mom teach me to pray and to take care of myself and to love. I think my mom tell me to love everybody no matter what. I love my mom. I love everybody.

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LISA L. | Plymouth, MI

School Bus Driver
Plymouth/Canton School District
Nominated by her husband Joe L.

My wife drives a school bus for Plymouth/Canton Schools in Michigan. WWhen schools closed, she came up with the idea to support working parents and was successful in getting approval to allow school bus drivers to volunteer to babysit for them. Later, when the stay at home order was issued, she was first in line to volunteer to deliver free lunch & breakfast to special needs kids with no thought to her own safety. Every week, she drives her bus to deliver a week’s worth of food to those in need. A 60 yr. old with Type 2 diabetes, she's high risk for Coronavirus, but that never crossed her mind.    

This is typical for Lisa. She's volunteered her entire life, first as a hospital candy striper, then girl scout troop leader, funeral luncheon coordinator and an executive board member for several non-profit organizations.  Lisa has been serving her community her entire life and is willing to put herself at risk to make sure no child goes hungry, making her an EVERYDAY HERO.

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EVERETT R. | Romulus, MI

Frozen Manager, Kroger
Nominated by his wife, Kendra R.

My nominee is Everett. Everett has worked for Kroger for 23 years. From the very first day of the pandemic, he has been dedicated to the community. Before grocery workers were given hazard pay, declared “heroes or essential workers,” Everett worked seven days a week for 3-weeks straight to help keep the shelves full and serve the customers to the best of his ability. Despite having a wife, two young boys and a new baby on the way, he took on the challenge of COVID-19.  While others were at home safe, he risked his life as well as his family’s life everyday by committing to the most populated place during the quarantine. It takes a selfless person to put their own health on the line for people you don’t even know, especially when that was not the job you signed up for.

Everett’s optimism, pride in helping the community and  dedication is why I believe he should be selected and this ticket would allow him to forget about the pain of this quarantine and pandemic.

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KWANTICA D. | Cleveland, OH

Uniform Division, Aramark and Manager, Dollar General
Nominated by her daughter, Fantasy R.

My mom inspires me. She works two jobs faithfully every day. With the Coronavirus, she now has to come home be a mother, grandmother and a schoolteacher all at the same time. Her days are long but she always makes sure the kids are learning if it takes to midnight. She survives off of about 3 hours of  sleep each night but day after day she gets up and does the same thing over and over again. She’s persistent, she big on education and she has taken on the role of a school teacher like it was her actual job. My brother even says he wants to go back to school because “mommy makes me do more than the teachers!” She’s our EVERYDAY HERO.

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All winners pending verification.