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Legacy Walk at Cedar Point

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Legacy Walk Update

We are still taking brick orders! Please note: due to the pandemic, we are experiencing delays that may interrupt brick production and installation.

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150th Anniversary Midway
150th Anniversary Midway
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150th Anniversary Legacy Walk

On Sale Now

With the postponement of our 150th Anniversary Celebration and interruptions in brick production due to the pandemic, the installation of the Legacy Walk may be delayed. Once production can resume, mini replicas and bricks will continue to be produced and added to those already purchased. The park will commemorate the walk officially in 2021 as part of the Anniversary Celebration. 

Others are still able to join in our 150-year Anniversary celebration by literally becoming a part of the Cedar Point foundation.

Purchase your very own personalized, engraved brick to be installed in Cedar Point’s 150 Anniversary Legacy Walk on the Main Midway. This is a great way to honor a loved one, celebrate your family or show your love for Cedar Point!

Order your customized brick securely online. A limited number of bricks remain available.

Cedar Point reserves the right to refuse production of any personalized brick submitted with content deemed inappropriate or sensitive. All sales are final.

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Legacy Brick

Brick Options

Brick - Text Only
Size: 4” x 8” x 2.25”
Text: Up to 3 lines of text, 20 characters per line
Cost: $75

Brick – Text + Choice of 1 Image
Size: 4” x 8” x 2.25”
Text: Up to 3 lines of text, 20 characters per line
Cost: $100

Brick – Mini Replica
Size:  2” x 4”
Purchase of brick paver required
Mini replica of brick paver purchased for home or office use.  Makes a great paperweight!
Cost: $30

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What is the cost of a brick?

A text only brick (8”w x 4”h) is $75, text + image is $100 (8”w x 4”h) and a replica brick (4”w x 2”h) is $30.  You must purchase either a text only or text + image brick to order a replica brick.

Please note-All sales are final and non-refundable once bricks are in production.

What will the Legacy Walk brick paver design look like?

All bricks will be engraved in ALL CAPITAL letters.  And lines will be centered both horizontally and vertically.  The specific design will vary depending on whether the layout is text only or text + image as well as the length of the message.  Each brick can have up to 3 lines of text with 20 characters per line (including punctuation, spaces, etc.).

Is there a way to preview my brick before engraving?

Unfortunately, we are not able to show a preview of your exact brick.

Can I write anything on my brick?

All messages are subject to review.  In the unlikely event that your message is not considered appropriate, you will be contacted to either revise the message or receive a refund.  Please no websites, social media account handles, email addresses, phone numbers or political messages.

Where will the Legacy Walk be located?

The Legacy Walk will be installed on the Main Midway near Kiddy Kingdom. 

I’m giving the brick as a gift.  Is there a way to let them know?

You can CLICK HERE to download and personalize this letter informing your recipient of the gift you are giving them.

What happens if my brick gets damaged?

The engraving is laser-etched to create a unique, glass finish and is guaranteed for the life of the brick.  Should the brick itself become damaged within the first year due to normal wear and tear, Cedar Point will replace the brick.

What if there is a typo on my brick?

Your brick will be produced with the exact text you have submitted. Cedar Point is not responsible for typos or mistakes made while submitting this text. Once the design is approved and released for production, changes cannot be made and all sales are final.

Can any changes be made to my brick after I’ve submitted the order?

Bricks that have not been released for production can be updated.  Please email within 48 hours of submission and include your name, ID number and any corrections.   

Can I purchase multiple replica bricks?

Yes, you can purchase up to ten (10) 4”w x 2”h replicas of a designated brick when placing your order.

Can I update my order to add a replica brick or an image after it has been submitted?

Bricks that have not been released for production can be updated.  Email Include your order ID number and we will assist you in revising your order.  There will be an additional cost of $30 per replica brick and/or $25 for an image.

Will there be a way to find my brick?

Brick positions will be indexed so you will be able to find your brick.

How many bricks can I buy?

There is no restriction on the number of bricks you can buy; however, each brick order is an individual transaction.  Only one (1) paver can be ordered at a time (up to 10 replica bricks can be ordered with each transaction).

If I buy multiple bricks will they be together? 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that pairs or groups of bricks purchased by an individual will be installed together.

Can I pattern multiple bricks into one message?

No.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request.

Can I chose my brick location?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about my brick?

Please email with any questions or concerns you may have.

How can I pay for my Legacy Brick?

Legacy Bricks are only available online at this time. Payment transactions are completed through a PayPal account. 

When will the Legacy Walk be installed?

Due to the shift in our 2020 operating schedule and current interruption in brick production, installation of the Legacy Walk has been delayed until further notice. Please check back frequently for updates. We appreciate your patience during this time.

When will I receive my replica brick?

Production on all replica bricks is currently on hold and will resume as soon as possible. Please check back often for updates. We appreciate your patience during this time.