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Tomo Sushi & Hibachi at Hotel Breakers

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Tomo Hibachi

Tomo Sushi & Hibachi at Hotel Breakers

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Hibachi is an experience within itself, but pairing it with world-class roller coasters and a location just steps away from your hotel room creates a perfect trifecta of entertainment. Take a seat at the table and be prepared to feel the heat of the show. Serving up Japanese favorites, including entrees of chicken, steak and fish, the chef will prepare the food in front of you in the authentic hibachi style. Feeling something on the lighter side? Sushi is the perfect Japanese cuisine to satisfy a craving for something fresh. Keep an eye on the knives and sake because you never know what the chefs have up their sleeves. Before you know it, you have a plate full of food and you don’t remember how it got there. Located in Hotel Breakers, TOMO offers a retreat to park and hotel guests, so gather your friends for a very unique dining experience. Just remember when exiting the park, you must get a hand stamp for re-entry.

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