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Schooner's Bayside Bar

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Schooner's Bayside Bar

Schooner's Bayside Bar at Cedar Point Shores

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Breakwater Bay wave pool as you enjoy a cold beverage at the Schooner’s Bayside Bar. With Magnum XL-200 in the background and live entertainment right next door, the atmosphere is filled with a chill summertime vibe perfect for a specialty cocktail. A variety of beers and a wine selection are also available. Keep it calm and cool in the summer heat with a specialty frozen drink, but drinks aren’t the only thing offered. Make it a full meal with snacks and entrees that pair perfectly with cold drinks. Bayside nachos, breaded cheese sticks, pretzels, peanuts and chips & signature salsa can be snacked on bar side. A chicken ranch wrap, chicken Caesar salad, cheese burger platter and wild wings make this bar a destination for lunch and dinner. Surrounded by pools and slides, pull up a chair and relax on dry ground for a while.

Cedar Point Shores admission required.

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