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C.J.'s Provisions & Toot Sweets

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C.J.'s Provisions/Toot Sweets

C.J.'s Provisions/Toot Sweets

Located at the beginning of Frontier Trail, CJ’s Provisions and Toots Sweets offers all the fuel needed to make the journey thru the trail. Load up on melty gourmet mac & cheese, a fan favorite for guests of all ages. Packed with buffalo chicken and bacon, we put a twist on the American classic. Get a regular bowl of mac & cheese for the little ones in the group and anyone that likes to keep it traditional.

Turn the tables and picture an array of sugar packed snacks and goodies on display for your liking. What your picturing is the what you see when walking into Toots Sweets. Soft-serve cones and shakes will keep you feeling cool on a hot summer day. Everything needed to create a surge of energy to power you through all of the rides that can be found here!

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