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Cedar Point Amusement Park Update

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A Message from Jason McClure, Vice President and General Manager of Cedar Point

August 4, 2020 Update

Cedar Point has been thrilled to welcome guests back to the park this year.  2020 has truly been a unique season, and I thank our guests and team members for making Cedar Point a fun and safe place to visit. We appreciate everyone’s support and cooperation with the park’s new health and safety measures – we are getting through this together. 

Because of the ongoing uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, we have had to make some important decisions regarding the remainder of 2020. Here are some updates we’d like to share:

  • A new “Tricks and Treats Fall Fest” will be introduced starting September 12. This event will take the place of HalloWeekends for 2020 only, and has been designed with unique entertainment, food and activities for all ages. This event will enable better social distancing and capacity management. You’ll hear more exciting details in the coming weeks.
  • Post Labor Day, Cedar Point will be open Saturdays & Sundays only, with the last operating day of the 2020 season expected to be Sunday, November 1.

Keep in mind that all 2020 Season Passes and add-on products have been extended through the 2021 season. We’re looking forward to a great year ahead and can’t wait to show you a host of ways to have fun, including: 

  • Our rescheduled 150th Anniversary Celebration;
  • The Snake River Expedition family adventure ride;
  • The Celebrate 150 Spectacular parade and street party; and
  • The continuation of our Ticket of a Lifetime contest, with new opportunities to win while inside the park.

2021 Season Passes will be available for purchase beginning September 8, 2020. We all look forward to having fun safely for the rest of 2020 and beyond. There are many days left for summer fun, and we hope to see you in the park soon.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

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May I get a refund on my park admission ticket?

If you purchased an admission ticket for a specific date that cannot be used while we are closed, we will accept your admission ticket for another public operating day of your choosing through November 1, 2020, or we will refund the specific day admission ticket amount. Unexpired tickets (Good Any Day) may be used on any one public operating day through November 1, 2020.

For questions regarding Group Sales tickets, please contact your Cedar Point sales representative or visit and select “contact us” in the appropriate section.

The above policy also applies to specific day Fast Lane purchases, as well as specific day non-admission purchases. For any specific day VIP Experience purchases, please contact the park at to reschedule.

What are your cleanliness and sanitization standards and procedures?

Cedar Fair's highest priority is always the safety of our guests and associates. We continue to implement preventive measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as our own health and hygiene protocols. All our parks and resorts have high standards of cleanliness, which assists with illness prevention. We employ rigorous sanitation standards and robust cleaning procedures, including:

  • Extensive and ongoing training for associates on maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace and environment for our guests;
  • Specified intervals for frequent sanitization of targeted areas throughout the day;
  • Numerous and accessible handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer locations;
  • Quick response to spills, trash and other situations;
  • Daily and frequent sanitation procedures for restrooms, kitchens, dining surfaces, benches and trash cans;
  • Daily and frequent cleaning and "wash down" of outdoor locations, including walkways and queue lines

The leadership team is communicating with our associates about illness prevention; this includes guidance issued by the CDC. The CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to help stop the spread of germs. The CDC provides more detailed coronavirus information on its website at

As always, we maintain close relationships with local, state, national and international public health authorities. We take their guidance when additional preventive measures are deemed necessary.

Will your early-May events be rescheduled?

We are currently evaluating all events and projects for the 2020 season, along with the potential to reschedule. We will provide updates to those events as soon as possible. Please check for the latest updates

Will 2020 single day tickets be good for 2021? 

All single day tickets for 2020 will be valid for any regular operating day through Labor Day, September 6, 2021. 

What if I am part of a group that was scheduled to visit?

If you are part of a planned group visit to the park or have Group Sales tickets, contact your group organizer/leader for details. Group organizers/leaders should contact their park sales representatives directly.

Will HalloWeekends return?

We anticipate HalloWeekends, which includes The Great Pumpkin Fest and Haunt, will return in 2021

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Season Pass and Pre-K Pass Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the closure impact my 2020 Season Pass and 2020 Season Pass Add-Ons (if applicable)?

2020 Season Passes and 2020 Season Pass Add-Ons (if applicable) Valid Through the 2021 Season

  • 2020 Season Passes and purchased 2020 Season Pass Add-On Products (if applicable) will be valid for the remainder of 2020 when the park opens. Additionally, 2020 Regular, Gold and Platinum Season Passes (as well as purchased 2020 Season Pass Add-On Products) will be extended through the 2021 Season, according to your pass type*.

What do I need to do to get my season pass extended?

  • Your payments must be in good standing for the Season Pass to be extended through 2021.

  • No other action is required from you.

Do I qualify for the 2021 extension if I bought after 4/14/20?

Yes – all 2020 Season Passholders who are in good standing will have their Season Pass and Season Pass Add-ons (if applicable) extended into 2021, regardless of when the purchase was made.  

What does “according to your pass type” mean?

  • The benefits and entitlements will be the same in 2021 as they are in 2020. For example, if you have a 2020 Regular Pass, you will have a Regular Pass in 2021, and if you have a 2020 Gold Pass, you will have a Gold Pass in 2021. 
  • 2020 Platinum Passes will be valid at all Cedar Fair parks through the 2021 Season.

When does my Season Pass account need to be in good standing in order to qualify for the 2021 extension offer?

  • All payments must be current by the time the park opens in 2021 in order for your pass to be extended through 2021.
  • If any attempted payment fails, all Season Passes and Season Pass Add-Ons on that order will be deactivated until the payment is made in the online Payment Portal.

When does my 2020 Season Pass Expire?

All 2020 Season Passes and purchased Season Pass Add-ons will be valid for the remainder of the 2020 season, plus the entire 2021 Season.

How can I upgrade my Season Pass or purchase add-ons?

When the park is open, Season Passes can be upgraded at the park for the 2021 season; Season Passes cannot be upgraded online. If you have a 2020 Season Pass, you can currently purchase 2021 Season Pass Add-ons such as All Season Dining and Drinks online that will be valid for the 2021 season.

What will happen if I signed up for the Auto-Renewal program online when I purchased my Season Pass?

The Season Pass Auto-Renewal program will not be in effect for the 2021 Season. Your 2020 Season Pass will not auto-renew to a 2021 Season Pass this September because your 2020 Season Pass and Add-Ons will be extended through the 2021 Season. No action is required of you at this time.

Is my 2020 Pre-K Pass being extended through 2021?

If you registered for a 2020 Pre-K Pass, it will be valid for the 2020 season. Additionally, all 2020 Pre-K Passes that have been registered or activated in 2020 will be automatically extended through the 2021 season. You can find more information on when and how to activate the Pre-K Pass here.

If you purchased Season Pass Add-ons for your 2020 Pre-K Pass, the purchased Add-Ons will be extended through the 2021 season.

Will children who would have aged out of the Pre-K Pass program in 2021 be allowed to extend their pass benefits for one more season?

All 2020 Pre-K Passes that have been registered or activated in 2020 will be automatically extended through the 2021 season.

When will my Easy Pay payments resume?

Monthly Easy Pay payments resumed on 7/8/2020. Now that billing has resumed, you will be billed the normal monthly amount for however many months remain to finish paying your full balance due. 

Payments will continue to occur on the same date of the month as in previous months. You can log into the Payment Portal online with your order number and the email address you used during the initial purchase to confirm the upcoming payment dates and amounts.

As long as you remain current on attempted payments, your Season Pass and associated Season Pass Add-Ons will remain active.

If you’d prefer to make a single catch-up payment, you can log into the Payment Portal and select “Make a Payment” in the portal to pay all the payments that have been missed. Or, you can pay the full balance at any time.