The Battle for Cedar Point

The Battle for Cedar Point

The Battle for Cedar Point is a new interactive augmented reality game you can play during your visit throughout the park! Join and represent your favorite Coaster Clan: Valravn, GateKeeper, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster OR Maverick! Players earn points by scanning certain ride signs, t-shirts and symbols and by also answering trivia questions. The clan with the most points at the end of the day reigns victorious! The winning clan will be announced daily at Luminosity. Now what are you waiting for? Stake your allegiance and battle against other Coaster Clans for supremacy!



  • Join and represent your favorite Coaster Clan! Choose a different one each day!
  • Find markers embedded around the park (hint: many are ride signs). Click the marker on the battle map, point your camera phone and watch them come to life!
  • Save and share special effect experiences with your friends!
  • Unlock the Secrets of Valravn by finding hidden clues in and around the queue.
  • Earn points for your Coaster Clan to be eligible to purchase exclusive Clan pins!
  • See who’s winning the daily battle by scanning any hand-held Park Map or sign – the shield in the highest position indicates who’s winning!
  • Test your coaster knowledge with the Trivia Challenge and earn points!
  • Be eligible to purchase the Battle Champion pin if you are part of the winning Clan for the day!
  • Keep track of your Coaster stamina! Coaster Stat Achievements will stay with on your phone indefinitely (unless the App is deleted and reloaded) where as Battle Stats will reset each day.
  • Put your Clan over the top by attending the nightly Luminosity Show to get your final points of the day & see who won!


The Battle for Cedar Point FAQ

Download and open Cedar Point’s Mobile App and click “The Battle for Cedar Point” in the app menu. Once The Battle for Cedar Point is opened, players must choose a clan to be a part of for the day. Guests may choose Valravn, GateKeeper, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster OR Maverick.
No. Once a clan is chosen for the day, it cannot be changed until the next day. The app will ask “Are you sure you want to join this clan?” before the user makes their final decision.
Players can open the Battle Map within the app and the winning Coaster Clan will glow in yellow. Also, players can open up the map within the app, click an orange map symbol and simply scan any park map (including hand-held park guides) and the map will interactively show which Coaster Clan is currently in the lead.
Within the Battle Map, there are a number of symbols placed throughout with different tasks for players to complete. For example, when clicking a red ride symbol, the app will prompt you to scan that ride’s entrance sign. When scanning the sign, you can capture and share special effects as the sign comes to life on your mobile device – and you’ll also earn points for doing so. 

Players can also earn points by completing other tasks on the battle map and answering trivia questions, which can be found in the main menu. Trivia questions can only be answered one time.
Players can open the “Achievements” page within the app menu and see their progress throughout the day. There are a number of stars that can be earned for various tasks. Once a player earns 5 stars for their Coaster Clan, the Hero Pin is unlocked. To unlock the Battle Championship Pin, players must be on the winning Coaster Clan for the day.
YES! Guests can show their earned pins on The Battle for Cedar Point app to purchase a real pin at select merchandise locations throughout the park.

Try stepping forward or backward with your mobile device so that the outline of the ride sign lines up closely with the actual sign. Sometimes, depending on the time of day, the angle of the sun and lighting can affect your device’s ability to recognize the signs.