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Ride Policies and Procedures

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Ride Policy
Ride Policy

Ride Policies & Procedures

Ride Safely. 

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Have Fun. Stay Safe.

We know. You come to Cedar Point for the countless thrills and endless excitement. We want you to know that while your focused on the fun, we're focused on your safety. Here are a few terms and tips that will help you stay safe while getting the most out of your day in the park.

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Supervising Companion

Some rides require a “supervising companion” to accommodate a rider. A supervising companion is someone who meets all the requirements to ride the ride themselves, is 14 years of age or older and demonstrates appropriate observed behavior*.

*Explanation: Appropriate observed behavior may include but not be limited to maintaining proper riding position, attention and compliance to safety instructions, proper use of all ride or safety equipment and a willingness to participate.

Limit one child per supervising companion on Calypso, Dodgem, Lolli Swing, Matterhorn, Monster, Peanuts 500, Troika and Woodstock Express.

Restraint Systems

Safety is number one at Cedar Point. All passenger restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses and seatbelts, must be positioned, fastened and tightened to allow guests to ride. We are required by the State of Ohio to enforce all manufacturer requirements.

Due to rider restraint system requirements, guests of larger size may not be accommodated on some of our rides. This may apply, but not be limited to, men who exceed 6’2”, or those who exceed 225 pounds, have a 40” waistline or 52” chest or females who exceed 200 pounds or wear size 18 or larger. Each person has different body proportions so it is not possible to list exact size and weight.

Maximum rider height is 6' 6" for the following rides: Rougarou, GateKeeper, Maverick, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and Wicked Twister.

Our larger guests may experience difficulty on Blue Streak, Corkscrew, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Maverick, maXair, Millennium Force, Mine Ride, Power Tower, Raptor, Skyhawk, Top Thrill Dragster, Wave Swinger, Wicked Twister and WindSeeker.

Maximum recommended weight limits are posted on many rides including Camp Snoopy rides, Monster, Planet Snoopy rides, Scrambler, Super Himalaya, Troika, Wave Swinger, WindSeeker, Professor Delbert's Frontier Fling and most Cedar Point Shores attractions.

You may enter the ride via the exit to ensure the restraints function properly prior to waiting in line. We have test seats at Valravn, Rougarou, Maverick, maXair, Millennium Force, Raptor, Skyhawk, Top Thrill Dragster and Wicked Twister.

Height Requirements

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Blue Streak 48"

Cedar Creek Mine Ride 48"

Corkscrew 48"

GateKeeper 52" (up to 78")

Gemini 48"

Iron Dragon 48"

Magnum XL-200 48"

Maverick 52" (up to 78")

Millennium Force 48" (up to 78")

Pipe Scream 48" (42-48" with supervising companion)

Raptor 54"

Rougarou 54" (up to 78")

Top Thrill Dragster 52" (up to 78")

Valravn 52" 

Wicked Twister 52" (up to 78")

Wilderness Run 36" (over 54" with child)

Woodstock Express 48" (36-48" with supervising companion)

Cedar Downs Racing Derby 48"

Dodgem 48" (42-48" with supervising companion)

Matterhorn 46" (42-46" with supervising companion)

maXair 52"

Monster 46" & under with supervising companion

Ocean Motion 48" (39-48" with supervising companion)

Power Tower 52"

Prof. Delbert's Frontier Fling 48"

Scrambler 48" (36-48" with supervising companion)

Skyhawk 48"

SlingShot 48" (up to 79")

Super Himalaya 52" & under with supervising companion

Tiki Twirl 46" & under with supervising companion

Troika 54" (42-54" with supervising companion)

Wave Swinger 48"

WindSeeker 52"

Witches' Wheel 54"


Kids' Rides


Dune Buggies (up to 54")

Helicopters (up to 54") 

Joe Cool's Dodgem School 35" (up to 54")

Kite Eating Tree 36" (up to 54")

Motorcycles 39" (up to 54")

Mustangs (up to 54")

Police Cars (up to 54")

Red Baron 36" (up to 54")

Rock, Spin and Turn (up to 54")

Roto Whip (up to 54")

Sky Fighters (up to 54")

Snoopy Bounce 36" (up to 54")

Snoopy's Space Race 36" (up to 54")

Space Age (up to 54")

Woodstock's Airmail 36" (up to 54")


Weight Limits On Rides

There are weight limits posted for several rides. The weight limits listed here are per ride unit and must be dispersed between the two to four riders that the vehicle accommodates. 

Balloon Race (300 lbs.)

Camp Bus (440 lbs.)

Frog Hopper (500 lbs.)

Helicopters (220 lbs.)

Lolli Swing (275 lbs.)

Monster (400 lbs.)

Peanuts 500 (275 lbs.)

Red Baron (220 lbs.)

Prof. Delbert's Frontier Fling (800 lbs.)

Scrambler (510 lbs.)

Sky Fighters (100 lbs.)

Sky Ride (660 lbs.)

Super Himalaya (495 lbs.)

Tilt-A-Whirl (800 lbs.)

Troika (330 lbs.)

Wave Swinger (230 lbs.)

Woodstock Express (300 lbs.)

Ride Safety

Many amusement park rides have safety systems designed by the manufacturer to accommodate people of average physical stature and body proportion. These safety systems may place restrictions on the ability of an individual to safely experience the ride. Extremely large or small individuals, pregnant women, people with casts, braces, restrictive devices or disabilities may not be safely accommodated by these systems. For example, height requirements are based on the size needed for safety restraints to function properly and the level of maturity usually associated with a certain height. This policy was developed in consultation with a biodynamics engineer and a rehabilitation specialist, based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, our past experience, and our evaluation of each ride in both normal and emergency operating conditions. Our prime consideration is the ability of a person to endure the dynamics of the ride without risk of injury to himself, other guests, or park personnel.

Hand-Held Infants

A hand-held infant is a child who is unable to walk to the ride unit independently or maintain independent seated postural control. Hand-held infants are restricted from most rides. They may be taken on C.P. & L. E. Railroad, Kiddy Kingdom Carousel and Midway Carousel.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women may ride: C.P. & L.E. Railroad, Giant Wheel, Kiddy Kingdom Carousel, Midway Carousel and Sky Ride.

Remove Headphones

To ensure guests can hear safety instructions, headphones must be removed before boarding. Personal Entertainment Devices must be secured in a waist pack or cargo shorts.

Water Damage

Due to the potential for water damage, Thunder Canyon and Snake River Falls riders should leave their cameras and other valuable items with a non-rider or in a locker.

Line Jumping

Our line jumping policy states that if you cut into a line of waiting guests, no matter what the reason, you are inviting dismissal from the park without refund of admission. This rule is strictly enforced. LINE JUMPING IS: “CUTTING IN FRONT OF OTHER WAITING GUESTS. LEAVING THE LINE, THEN ATTEMPTING TO REENTER. THIS INCLUDES USING THE REST ROOM FACILITIES OR TO PURCHASE FOOD OR DRINKS.” Once you leave your place in line, you have forfeited it, no matter what the reason. Saving a place in line is simply not permitted.

Front Seat Waiting

Front seat waiting is available for the following roller coasters:





Millennium Force

Mine Ride


Top Thrill Dragster

Wicked Twister

Guests should go through the regular queue line and get into the Front Seat queue on the loading platform. Once the queue is full, guests must choose another seat.

Weather Conditions & Ride Availability

Rides will close due to weather conditions, particularly rain, high winds and/or lightning. A specific answer as to which rides close or remain open is not possible because varying degrees of inclement weather cause different effects on different rides. Those rides affected the most are the roller coasters and the high rides. Cedar Point makes every effort to reopen the rides as quickly and safely as possible after the adverse weather conditions cease. Sorry, no rain checks or refunds.

Generally, the following weather conditions will affect the listed rides and attractions: 

HIGH WINDS - These rides MAY close depending on wind speed and direction: GateKeeper, Gemini, Giant Wheel, Magnum XL-200, Rougarou, Maverick, maXair, Millennium Force, Power Tower, Raptor, Prof. Delbert's Frontier Fling, Sky Ride, Skyhawk, SlingShot, Snoopy Bounce, Top Thrill Dragster, Zoom Flume, WindSeeker

ANY PRECIPITATION - These rides WILL CLOSE: 4 x 4's, Gemini, Giant Wheel, Peanuts Road Rally, Pipe Scream, Race Park, Snoopy Bounce, Top Thrill Dragster, Woodstock Express

STEADY RAIN - All rides listed under ANY PRECIPITATION and the rides listed below will close or reduce ride units: Calypso, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Matterhorn, Maverick, Millennium Force, Monster, Ocean Motion, Raptor, Sky Ride

HEAVY RAIN - All rides listed under ANY PRECIPITATION or STEADY RAIN and the rides listed below will close: Blue Streak, Camp Snoopy (except Tilt-a-Whirl), Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Magnum XL-200, maXair, Mine Ride, Planet Snoopy, Power Tower, Prof. Delbert's Frontier Fling, Skyhawk, Snake River Falls, Wicked Twister, WindSeeker

Lightning & Severe Thunderstorms

All rides will be closed during the severity of the storm and will start to reopen as soon as the storm or lightning passes.
Please remember, it is not possible to specifically state which rides will be closed at a specific time because the varying degrees of inclement weather cause different effects on different rides.

Loose Articles

For safety reasons, purses, backpacks, beverage containers or any other loose articles may not be taken on the following rides: Blue Streak, Lolli Swings, Snoopy Bounce, Woodstock Express, Cedar Downs, Corkscrew, Gemini, Kite Eating Tree, Maverick, maXair, Mine Ride, Power Tower, Raptor, Prof. Delbert's Frontier Fling, Skyhawk, SlingShot, Super Himalaya, Wave Swinger, Wicked Twister, Witches' Wheel and Woodstock's Airmail. These items may be left in a locker, your vehicle, with a non-rider, or at the owner's risk on the ride platform. However, Cedar Point is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen.

Valravn, Rougarou, GateKeeper, Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster: Loose articles of any kind including purses, backpacks, beverage containers, etc., may not be taken past the entrance, or in line and may not be left on the ride platform. Cell phones or other small items must be secured in cargo pockets or waist packs. All loose items not able to be stored in cargo pockets or waist packs must be left in a locker or with a non-rider prior to entering the line.

Glasses must be secured with an athletic strap on Valravn, GateKeeper, Maverick, maXair, Power Tower, Skyhawk, Top Thrill Dragster and Wicked Twister.

Loose items may be secured by the rider inside the ride unit on all rides not listed above.

For safety reasons, taking pictures, videotaping and filming on rides are prohibited. Picture taking is permitted on the C.P. & L.E. Railroad.

Loose articles are defined as cell phones, keys, hats, cameras, stuffed animals, umbrellas, beverage containers, personal entertainment devices, purses, backpacks, etc. If you have any questions about our Loose Article Policy, please call 419-627-2301.


Footwear and shirts must be worn in the ride area. The only exception to this is for hand-held infants who cannot walk and are not required to wear shoes. On Thunder Canyon and Snake River Falls only, guests may wear swimwear and are not required to wear shoes. Lockers are located nearby. Slip-on shoes should be removed on the Wave Swinger, SlingShot, Valravn, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Raptor, Power Tower, maXair, Skyhawk and Wicked Twister.


No smoking in the ride area (for fire prevention purposes); no smoking in the ride queues (lines) for the courtesy and comfort of other guests. SMOKING IS CAUSE FOR REMOVAL FROM THE LINE. Designated smoking areas are located near Park Plaza Gift Shop, Raptor, Panda Express, Frontier Train Station and behind Giant Wheel. No food or drinks can be taken on to the ride platform (to help maintain our standards of cleanliness).