Cedar Point offers the most fun Physics, Science & Math Class Field Trips around!

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Physics, Science & Math Days

Physics, Science & Math Days are a unique option for enhancing lessons in STEM education.  Cedar Point partners with trusted enrichment providers to offer activities that are designed to develop creative thinking and problem solving aptitude in students of all age groups, covering a variety of scientific disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, space science & mathematics. We provide all the necessary tools that help make the trip fit your classroom curriculum.

Student Admission

Includes admission to Cedar Point and a meal to fuel a full day of fun and learning.  Receive one free chaperone ticket to Cedar Point with every 15 student tickets purchased (excluding passholder tickets)!

Meals & More

Overnight Packages

At Cedar Point’s toll booth, the bus driver will receive a receipt ticket that can be exchanged at Guest Services for one bus driver courtesy admission ticket. The original toll booth receipt and their valid CDL are required for the courtesy ticket exchange. Only one bus driver ticket per bus is issued and is only valid on the day the bus arrives (date on the receipt).

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Accelerometers WILL BE permitted on the following rides: Blue Streak Gemini Iron Dragon Lake Erie Eagles Magnum XL-200 Mine Ride Pipe Scream Rougarou Wave Swinger Woodstock Express.

For safety reasons, Cedar Point will only allow accelerometers that meet the following guidelines.

Non-Electronic Hand-Held Accelerometer

  • Must be a simple-spring or horizontal accelerometer made of lightweight, non-breakable material.
  • Simple-spring or horizontal accelerometer must be small enough (6” or less) to not interfere with the riders’ ability to safely ride the ride and must be secured to the rider. Riders must be able to hold on to restraints with both hands at all times.
  • Accelerometers must have a wrist strap and have the ability to be secured for the duration of the ride. Instructions for Simple-String or Horizontal Accelerometer Modifications:
  • Place ends of an 18 inch #2 nylon cord at the base of the accelerometer.
  • Use black electrical tape to secure the nylon cord to base.
  • Slide 7mm pony bead over the loop end of the cord and slide toward accelerometer.
  • Tie a knot at end of loop to ensure pony bead does not slip off. NOTE: #2 nylon cord and 7mm pony beads can be purchased at a craft store.

Electronic and Phone App Accelerometers

  • Electronic accelerometers (including phone app software) will only be permitted when used in conjunction with a data vest accessory.
  • If your school or organization would like to supply and utilize a data vest for your students, they must be inspected and approved by Cedar Point prior to being allowed on the listed attractions. Please make your requests for approval to our sales team prior to arrival at the park.
  • Vests must have the ability to secure the accelerometer or data device in a pocket and fastened with Velcro, a button or zipper.
  • Vest must fit securely to the participant and must not interfere with the proper function of the restraint system.
  • Vests must be secured on the rider before boarding the ride unit and the data device must be activated prior to the locking of the restraint. In order to facilitate the use of accelerometers and provide each rider with the safest ride possible, accelerometers that do not meet these guidelines, will not be allowed on any ride.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

We have created this packet to assist you with your curriculum for your visit to Cedar Point during Physics, Science & Math Days. The information can be used as is, or if you wish you may customize the activities/questions for your students.



Here's some worksheets from NASA that will get you and your students thinking before heading to the park.