Plan a fun day full of engineering for students during Cedar Point's Engineering Days

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Engineering Day at Cedar Point

Look for this educational program to return in Spring 2022.

We see the cars flying on the tracks, zipping around hairpin curves and inverting guests at mind-boggling speeds. We feel the wind in our hair and lumps in our stomachs when we plunge down a dizzying freefall. We know the effects of Cedar Point's epic thrill rides, but really, how do roller coasters work? What kind of science, math and mega-extreme logistics go into world-class thrill rides? Come to Engineering Day, an interactive event dedicated to engineering for students, so they can get up close and personal with science on a grand scale (and we mean GRAND, as in Top Thrill Dragster-style humongous). Students will learn from industry professionals how Cedar Point uses technology and human tendencies to build a park suitable for thousands of guests each day.

Afterwards, students will experience this engineering firsthand with a great day at the park. Combine that with a catered meal and you’ve engineering a full day of success!

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