Career Day at Cedar Point

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Career Day at Cedar Point

Look for this educational program to return in Spring 2022.

Did you ever think a horticulturist could work in an amusement park? How about an automotive mechanic? A wide variety of skilled trade professions are required to make Cedar Point operate each day, many of which you’d never think would work in an amusement park. At Career Day, students can learn which skilled trade career fields are possible in this industry. Guest speakers from departments such as horticulture, culinary, carpentry, ride maintenance, IT and automotive explain how their roles contribute to Cedar Point’s success.

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At Cedar Point’s toll booth, the bus driver will receive a receipt ticket that can be exchanged at Guest Services for one bus driver courtesy admission ticket. The original toll booth receipt and their valid CDL are required for the courtesy ticket exchange. Only one bus driver ticket per bus is issued and is only valid on the day the bus arrives (date on the receipt).

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