Cedar Point Sports Center Friends & Family Access

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Cedar Point Park Access Pass

Exclusively for Cedar Point Sports Center Family & Friends

plus applicable taxes and fees

Single Day Cedar Point Admission

Includes admission to Cedar Point any one day through September 6, 2021.

plus applicable taxes and fees

All-Star Pass

5-Day Cedar Point + Cedar Point Shores + Parking

Includes admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark with FREE PARKING for up to 5 consecutive days after first use through October 31, 2021.

Important Information about Cedar Point Tickets

Participants in qualified Sports Force Parks (outdoor sports park) and Cedar Point Sports Center (indoor sports venue) tournaments receive a complimentary Player All-Star Pass valid for up admission up to 5 days into Cedar Point.

If your event occurs before the Cedar Point season begins you will receive your Player All-Star Pass in Spring. Otherwise, you will receive your pass approximately 7–10 days in advance of your qualifying tournament. If you have NOT fully completed registration (payment, waiver, etc.), you may not receive a complimentary 5 day pass unless this is provided.

Tournaments played from 1/1/2021 through 7/31/2021 can use tickets through Labor Day (9/6/2021). Tournaments played 8/1/2021 through 12/31/2021 can redeem their tickets during the rest of the 2021 season and also through 6/30/2022 of the following season (2022).

Additionally, complimentary 5 day tickets distributed in 2020 but not redeemed in 2020 will be valid to use through Monday, September 6, 2021.

Once the pass is redeemed and scanned for the first time at the park, the 5 day visit count begins.

Both the complimentary Player All-Star Pass and the Friends & Family All-Star Pass are valid for five (5) consecutive days. The five (5) consecutive days begin after the first scan into the park.

The tickets are valid for any public operating day during the season. Weekdays during our annual fall event, HalloWeekends, will not count toward the number of days that your pass valid as they are non-operating days. For example if you have a 5 day All-Star Pass and your first scan into Cedar Point is on a Fall Saturday; that Saturday and Sunday will count toward your 5 consecutive days, and then your pass will be valid the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friends and family of tournament participants can save with the exclusive Friends & Family All-Star Pass available online through the Sports Force Parks website or Cedar Point Sports Center website. You can also purchase Friends & Family tickets on-site at Cedar Point Sports Center at the front desk. Tickets or passes cannot be purchased on site at Sports Force Parks. 

  • Single Day: As low as $45* online and $75* on-site 
  • All-Star 5 Day Pass: $89.99* online and $99.99* on-site at Cedar Point Sports Center — INCLUDES FREE PARKING!
  • The best price on tickets is available by buying in advance online. Purchase tickets by visiting:
  • cedarpoint.com/sportscenter for Cedar Point Sports Center Friends & Family tickets
  • cedarpoint.com/sportsforce for Sports Force Parks Friends & Family tickets

*Plus applicable taxes and fees.

Take the barcoded voucher you received, either via email (if you are a Player) or from an online purchase or the physical receipt from any on-site purchase, to a Cedar Point Admission Gate and it will be scanned for entry into Cedar Point. If you have a 5 day All-Star Pass, this barcode will be used each time you enter either park.

If you have not received your complimentary Player All-Star 5 day pass, ensure that you have filled out a waiver for the event, have checked the correct email and have checked the email you provided on that waiver and have checked your filtered/spam email. If you are still unable to locate your player code, please visit Guest Services at Cedar Point, on the right hand side of the Main Entrance.

When leaving the parking lot at Sports Force Parks or Cedar Point Sports Center, go right onto Cleveland Road (Route 6). After about 1.5 miles, turn right at the street light onto Cedar Point Drive. Follow this road across the causeway to Cedar Point.

Unfortunately, refunds will not be given for this reason. Free parking is a perk granted to guests staying at a Cedar Point resort.

The complimentary Player All-Star Pass may ONLY be used by the participant in the qualifying tournament. The complimentary pass is non- transferrable and any transfer, duplication or abuse is grounds for a voiding of the pass and removal from the park. 

Exclusive Friends & Family All-Star passes or tickets for siblings, family or friends can be purchased via the Sports Force Parks website, Cedar Point Sports Center website or on-site at the front desk of Cedar Point Sports Center.

Unfortunately, no, at this time shuttles are not available. Parking is available at Cedar Point, Sports Force Parks and Cedar Point Sports Center.

You can visit Guest Services, which is located to the right of the Main Gate, and they will be happy to assist you.