Witch Way to Magnum?

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Witch Way to Magnum?

Tony Clark |
August 1, 2018

Forgive the pun. But I think it fits here and you’re more than welcome to groan at it.

We have some news regarding one of our attractions, Witches’ Wheel, located near Magnum XL-200. (For the geeks like me, trade name: Huss Enterprise.)

Take a virtual ride:

Cedar Point debuted the Witches’ Wheel back in 1977 and since then, more than 24 million people have taken a ride.

But a magic spell of sorts means that any future rides are coming to an end – because Witches’ Wheel is rolling away.

So why? As with most things that we do, it’s in the interest of future expansion. But what does THAT mean?

We’re not ready to say. 

So for now, spin till you can’t spin anymore and get your last rides on Witches’ Wheel. Its last day of operation will be Labor Day, September 3.