What's Old is New Again

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What's Old is New Again

Kristy Bacni |
October 16, 2020

When you visit the park this weekend, you’ll find a new shining piece of Cedar Point history that’s come back to life.

Once upon a time, the building that now covers most of the Maverick queue was the station for White Water Landing, a water flume ride in Frontier Town that entertained guests until 2005. In 1982 when it was built, it had paintings to enhance the ambiance of Frontier Town.

Our team at the Cedar Point Sign Shop restored the gold and teal sign you see in the photo above.

At the beginning of the week, this was the view of the Maverick queue.

Here’s a closer look at the wall.

Our team painstakingly painted each detail throughout the week and restored this bit of Cedar Point history. Here’s a view of it mid-week, and the team that made it happen (Hi Melissa and Mike)!

The painting was officially finished this afternoon - just in time for our guests to experience the beauty of it this weekend.

Have a great weekend, and happy riding!