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Top 5 Things to Do Other Than Roller Coasters

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Top 5 Things to Do Other Than Roller Coasters

John Ross

Digital Marketing Manager 

Now that we've celebrated the roller coasters, there's another side to the peninsula that you may not have explored when you’re looking for things to do in Ohio. 

Here’s the top 5 things to do at Cedar Point OTHER THAN ride roller coasters:

1. The Cedar Point Beach 

The beach is my favorite place to be. And our’s is one mile long which means there’s so much room for activities - jog up and down the coastline, relax in one of our day beds (they’re free, first-come, first-serve), sip a drink from the Sand Bar to the sweet tunes of the Toes in the Sand Band, paddle-board, watch the sunset… I could go on and on. Plus, #views of the park.

There isn’t a better beach on Lake Erie.

2. The Show Tour

If you haven’t seen our live shows, you’re missing out. Our singers, musicians, actors, acrobats and live entertainment production crews are hugely talented and underrated, in my opinion.

Here’s a quick itinerary of what you could see all in one day on a summer Saturday: Lusty Lil’s French Revue at 1:30pm, Bluegrass Jamboree at 2:30pm, Totally Live! This Country Rocks at 3:30pm, Lights, Camera, Action! at 5:30pm, Vertical Impact at 8pm and Fire & Ice at 10pm. Oh, and that’s just 5 shows…we have 15 total. Rock out at your leisure.

Show schedules vary, so pick up a show guide when you arrive or visit our Live Shows page.

3. Savory Sampling 

Chef Bucco cooks up some wicked tasty treats. I haven’t done this yet, but I’ve always wanted to get a group of friends together (any takers?), stroll through the park and share the favorites - a funnel cake from Bayou Refreshments, fresh cut fries with toppings, pulled pork BBQ from Miss Keat’s Smoke-house, a Brownie Bandit milkshake from Toft’s, etc. etc.

It’s ok to eat a lot here…you can walk it off.

4. Name That Trail Tune

We have some super comfy Adirondack chairs on the Frontier Trail. Plop down, take in the scene and maybe even rest your eyes. We also play popular rock hits in the tune of instrumental bluegrass throughout the Trail (think AC/DC but in Bluegrass form).

Some are really tough to recognize, but I’ve heard them enough to guess the song pretty quickly. Any challengers? Loser buys a round of drinks at Trail Tavern. :)

5. Chill Out At Shores

Our waterpark just got a facelift in 2017 and it’s the BEST place to go when you need to cool off. My favorite attraction is Cedar Creek - a.k.a the lazy river. There’s something here for everyone - including kids’ play areas, water slides, a half-million gallon wave pool and even an adults-only swim-up bar.

There is so much to see and do here - and there’s so much more than just rides. It really is A Place Like No Other™.

What's your favorite non-coaster activity at Cedar Point? Let me know below.

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John Ross

Digital Marketing Manager 

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