The Teardown Process Has Begun

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The Teardown Process Has Begun

Kristy Bacni |
November 5, 2020

Well, that was fast.

It’s been less than a week since we closed the book on the 2020 season, but that hasn’t stopped our team from being busy bees. We’re taking advantage of the beautiful weather this week (didn’t it snow on Sunday?!), and the tear down process has begun.

Taking down decorations from Tricks and Treats Fall Fest is just the beginning. All the pumpkins, skeletons and other Halloween accoutrements are taken down and stored until next year.

Our maintenance team immediately begins disassembling rides for the winter overhaul process. The Amazement Shop, located outside of the park on Cleveland Road, becomes a beehive of activity throughout the off-season as well as the onsite maintenance shop and other “pop-up” shops our team sets up around the park to assist with space for working on our ride vehicles.

The trains from Millennium Force are ready to take their long, winter nap.

We didn't waste any time in getting the Super Himalaya and Monster vehicles off their structures.

Even Wave Swinger is coming apart. Our team preserves the beautiful ornamentation of this ride each winter to limit the harshness of the elements. 

Finally, our animation team has already packed up Boneville to conserve our favorite skeletal townspeople.

We’ll share more during the off-season of the tear down process and even more as we ramp up for the 2021 season and the big 150th Anniversary celebration!