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Summer's End

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Summer's End

Tony Clark

Director of Communications

Now that we've wrapped up daily operation and the unofficial summer season, we're looking forward to this upcoming "bonus weekend" and HalloWeekends shortly after that.

We've closed Witches' Wheel and Dinosaurs Alive as we look toward the future for 2019 and beyond.

So in this transitional period, I wanted to share something with you. 

We survey our guests on many, many different things, and we often invite them to leave comments regarding their visit.

There's a mix of positive, neutral and negative - after all, there's always room for improvement. We read every single one.

When I read through the latest survey results, I thought, why not share some?

This particular survey question asked about yearly traditions and if Cedar Point is your tradition, why? What makes Cedar Point special to you? 

Here are some of those answers (anonymously presented and completely unedited, by the way):

"Just a place that my daughter and I enjoy visiting when she is back from California visiting family in the midwest."

"We first visited there as a family back in 2001. Now my sister and I buy a platinum pass every year for nearby Valleyfair and we try to hit up a different cedar fair park once a year usually alternating cedar point in every other year."

"We love all the rides especially the roller coasters. We meet up with family from all over the country here to have fun and create special memories and
catch up."

"I’m making cedar point a new tradition with my boyfriend and we plan on coming here once every year"

"I've been coming to Cedar Point since I was in diapers and continued making multiple yearly trips throughout my childhood, college, and as I've started my own family. I've now started bringing my kids to the park. Seeing the pure joy on their face on Tiki Twirl or Ocean Motion, the same rides I rode as a kid with my dad, is priceless. I love the idea that my kids will view Cedar Point as their "home park" and I hope they cherish their memories and passthem on as I have."

"I have never felt more happiness than being at Cedar Point. It really is my happy place, I ask to go every year and especially for my birthday."

"Me and my partner have been coming back for 4 years and know have platinum passes last 2 years we love our time there and Ok and 2 keep coming back year after year"

"Been visiting Cedar Point since I was 10 with my family and friends. Now I bring my family and our children bring friends with them"

"I started going when I was about 10 with my immediate family, cousins/aunt/uncle so I have fond memories of hanging out with my cousin, running into other family members in the park, eating breakfast together etc. The first year only had courage to ride the Mine ride. Next year was Blue Streak, then I remember it was a big deal when the Corkscrew came followed by the Gemini! My father and uncle used to jog from one roller coaster to another. This year my 21 year old son followed in his grandfather's footsteps doing the same thing!"

As you can see, we're still a family tradition for many guests. But it's a tradition that doesn't have to be deeply rooted in your past - why not make it a new tradition? I did after my first visit in 2000, and it was an annual visit until I got a job here. 

Bring your friends. Bring your family. Bring your children. There's still plenty of season left.

When we say that Cedar Point is A Place Like No Other, you can really see why. It just makes you feel some kind of way. And I'm honored to call this my home.

What are some of your traditions? Why are we your go-to summer getaway? Let me know below!

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Tony Clark

Director of Communications

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