Something's Cooking in Frontier Town

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Something's Cooking in Frontier Town

Tony Clark |
November 12, 2021

The park is alive with activity. The kind of activity that can’t be done while you’re here (you know, big construction equipment and all).

In addition to Wicked Twister being removed soon (it’s still there for now)…

…we’re also working on a project back in Frontier Town.

If you keep up with Cedar Fair’s (our parent company) news, you probably read a mention of a new culinary location coming to the park in 2022, but we didn’t provide further details.

We still can’t provide all the details, but here are a few I can share today.

The new location will be built on the site of the Antique Cars ride. So that means this ride will not return in 2022, but we still have the Cadillac Cars – a very similar ride – for you to enjoy going forward.

Currently, the site is being prepped for vertical construction.

Our entire team is working on menu, theming, name and more. All of that will be revealed in the coming months. The culinary experience at Cedar Point continues to get better each season, and this is another huge step in providing quality dining experiences for all tastes and preferences.

One fun tidbit about the project: the plan is to keep the covered bridge and you should have the opportunity to walk over it!

More to come as the off-season progresses. Stay connected with us for the details!