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Our Roller Coaster Legacy Continues

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Our Roller Coaster Legacy Continues

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Y’all ready for the ride of yer life? We are!

Welcome to the first blog entry highlighting the building of Steel Vengeance, opening in 2018. We’ve teamed up with the creative minds and builders at Rocky Mountain Construction to bring you the most innovative and limit-pushing hybrid roller coaster on the planet…one so tall, we had to create the “hyper-hybrid” classification for it. All of us are looking forward to sharing RMC's story, the importance of this ride and the incredible photos their on-site team has captured. 

So you now know the stats and what this phenomenal ride is going to do. Let’s go beyond the website and take you behind-the-scenes to give you a peek at the planning, design and construction of Steel Vengeance. We're going to do live chats, Q&A's, Snapchat stories and more.

You’re going to hear from different cowpokes throughout this process, some on video, some in guest entries. But we’re going to tell the story of how we planned for Steel Vengeance and why we decided to change the hybrid game with this exhilarating coaster.

We’re also going to tell you more about our three outcasts – Blackjack, Chess and Digger. You’ve seen their WANTED posters in the park and now it’s time to share their stories. Are they really outcasts? Or are FrontierTown’s residents a part of a complex ruse? It turns out FrontierTown is a very...interesting place. 

What are some of the things you’d like to know about Steel Vengeance? We’ll take those questions, gather the experts and report back to you. And no, Richard Michael Crosby will not be answering any questions. He has now officially "retired," along with that crazy guy with the axe

I don’t know what your thoughts are, but I’m pretty sure 2018 is going to be completely EPIC at The Roller Coaster Capital of the World®!

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Tony Clark

Enjoying Lake Erie views since 2005, Tony is the Director of Communications and oversees media relations, website content, social media, digital marketing and more. His favorite roller coaster is Millennium Force, of course, of course.

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