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New Dining Experiences for 2019

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New Dining Experiences for 2019

Tony Clark

Director of Communications

Back around the time of Winter Chill Out, we released information on two new dining experiences: Hugo's Italian Kitchen and BackBeatQue.

We also shared some digital renderings of what these experiences will look like that you may not have seen.

But hey, here they are! Let's take a look.

At the front of the park, Hugo's Italian Kitchen takes the place of Midway Market, located near Raptor (scooter not inclued).

Hugo's will specialize in Italian cuisine - things like stromboli, fresh-made pizzas baked in an open-flamed oven, chicken parmesan sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, salads, cannoli and more.

One of the signature pieces of Hugo's will be its fresh-made, we're literally making the pasta right there.

Plenty of opportunity to try different delectables each time you visit the park this summer.

We're saving the actual inside reveal for later, but on the outside, signage has already been installed!

Back near the park entrance under Magnum XL-200 and in the spot where Witches' Wheel used to be, we're opening BackBeatQue. 

Inside, you'll find a music and Motown-inspired vibe with classic rock 'n' roll decor.

All seating for BackBeatQue is outside, so we've taken great care to create outdoor dining spaces that will be just plain cool to eat in. 

Plus, we've built a stage right into that outdoor space, and you'll be able to enjoy live performances from the BackBeat Quartet during select times this summer.

Here's another look at a rendering of the building:

And here's what it looks like today:

And a few more shots of the outside...

On the menu at BackBeatQue is smoked brisket, rotisserie chicken, pork platters, Southern sides like okra, cornbread muffins, house-made mac & cheese and more.

And in case you were wondering, both locations will have menu items that are included in our dining plans!

Who's ready to dig in (into the food, not the ground - our crews have that covered!)??

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Tony Clark

Director of Communications

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