Let's Explore Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island

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Let's Explore Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island

Tony Clark |
February 15, 2019

By now, you know our new attraction for 2019 is Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.

But what is it and why should you make it a point to check it out? Over the next few months, we’re going to dive in and discover together. We’ll show you a little of what’s going on over there and reveal some of the “things” you’ll encounter if you cross over onto Adventure Island.

This is an entirely new venture for us. The past few years, we’ve introduced some great new products, including Valravn, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, Rougarou, a restyled Hotel Breakers and of course, Steel Vengeance.

Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island is an experiential attraction. Some of it tangible, some intangible. It’s a story that begins with YOU.

What is Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island?

While a simple answer would be, “It’s a new land at Cedar Point that you can discover,” it’s way more exciting (and fun) than that. You’re invited to explore an island previously closed off to visitors, but in a way, it has its loose connections to Frontier Town.

It’s a live-action, as-it’s-happening story. Only instead of just sitting back and watching (which you can), you can be IN the story. And it doesn’t matter what time of day you visit – something is always happening, and you’re always welcome to see it.

What happens on the island?

There are definitely people already living over there. Some have settled down for a more simple life; some have come to explore, trade goods and seek out rumored treasure and riches.

We’re told you’ll find a thriving community that lives off the land and functions together the best way they know how.

In fact, you may be asked to roll up your sleeves and help farm the land. Or perhaps go on a secret mission, deliver special messages or decipher a cryptic puzzle. You may run into goats, chickens and even an emu. Or better yet, dig for that rumored treasure.

Now that all seems well and good, but is it? Legend has it that a massive feud broke out, so unruly that all were forbidden to venture over. Even had to send the cavalry to restore order. But, has peace prevailed? It's up to you find out.

Truce Day has been declared, and the ban from the island has been revoked. All have been invited to join in the celebration. So now, the adventure begins. We’re counting on you to explore and discover and hopefully return to tell the tale.

Is it like an escape room?

We’ve heard some folks compare Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island to an escape room. While those are definitely fun, you’re not really “escaping” or “trying to get out.” You can definitely be challenged with the same types of mind games & questions, but you can certainly leave when you want.

Are there any rides?

No rides, but there are definitely attractions. As we reveal pieces of the map and traverse deeper into the island, these will come into view.

Is there an extra fee to try it?

Nope. It’s included with park admission and is scheduled to be open daily May 25 – September 2 from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

What ages are appropriate for this?

Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island is for everyone. While some activities are geared toward families, family groups, friends and “tweens” (ages 7 – 13), you can definitely enjoy this regardless of age. I know I’m going to enjoy it.


Ready to get this journey started? Let’s go!

A previous explorer has returned into the park, along with a sketched map of what she saw while on the island.

So early next week, we’re going to reveal the first piece of that map, and ultimately, the first “adventure.”

Get your compass ready, explorers! It’s going to be the experience of a lifetime.