Last Launch Details

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Last Launch Details

Tony Clark |
September 2, 2021

In just a few days, our giant double twisting impulse coaster will close for good.

As we’ve mentioned before, Wicked Twister will be removed to make way for future improvements (and no, we’re not ready to tell you what that means!).

We do have a little bit of fun planned for Monday, September 6, so here’s how you can be a part of history.

First, to celebrate the ride and all those who love it, we’re giving away commemorative “last launch” buttons to everyone who rides Wicked Twister on Sept. 6. Buttons are available while supplies last, and you must ride Wicked Twister that day to receive one.

The last ride button will fit nicely into your collection if you’ve been grabbing our collectible buttons this year.

Second, we know our biggest fans love to have last rider bragging rights, so we’re bringing back a last rider event.

On Monday, several of our managers will be wearing a “last launch ticket to ride” as they work throughout the park. All you have to do is find a manager who’s wearing one and ask them nicely if you can have the last launch on Wicked Twister.

If you find one, we’ll give you the golden ticket to ride, and you’ll join us at park closing to be the last public riders. You’ll also bring a friend to ride with you. (Associates are not eligible to play or win this contest.) There are 16 golden tickets to find on Sept. 6, so be on the lookout!

Finally, we’re introducing a special souvenir t-shirt to celebrate the last launch. The tee will go on sale tomorrow at Point Plaza and will be available while supplies last. UPDATE: These are now sold out. These will not be available in our online store.

Join us on Labor Day as we take our last rides and say, “3…2…1…BYE!” to the record-breaking, 270-degree twisting Wicked Twister.