February Steel Vengeance Update

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February Steel Vengeance Update

Tony Clark |
February 7, 2018

“Hey Tony – what’s going on at Steel Vengeance?”

I’m so glad you asked. Or I asked. Or something.

With the ride track secured and lots of cold weather to deal with, believe it or not, lots of work continues.

The midway in front of the ride has been completely torn up, allowing underground access and the opportunity to construct something big. You’ll see that in a sec.

Crews are working on underground utility lines and planning for appropriate water drainage.

There are a few pictures to share, so let’s dive in. Drop in. 90-degree-drop-in.

The approach to Steel Vengeance is just breathtaking. You’re going to like the way this looks once its running and happy riders are screaming!

Along the midway in front of the ride, you can see everything is torn up.

And if you look to the right, you’ll notice this.

This giant hunk of rock will soon become the Steel Vengeance sign. And it’s massive.

You can’t say you didn’t see it!

Over near the station, we’re busy making new ingress and egress. The ride entrance path and queue will snake up through the same tunnel underneath the structure, but we’ve added a Fast Lane Plus queue.

I couldn’t show that because it’s still being built, but on the exit side, the long ramp that used to be here is now gone.

Your exit will, of course, take you right to your on-ride photo.

Oh, and you’re also wondering where that camera will be. More on that later!

We’re also adding a lift for those who need alternative access.

Even though it looks done, it’s far from it. We still need trains on site, controls installed, brakes put in, lift chain installed, sensors placed, concrete poured, queue rail installed…it’s a lot to do.

But we’re inching closer to the first rides on the world’s first hyper-hybrid (and 10-world-record-breaking) Steel Vengeance!