Congrats to Our Ride Ops Team

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Congrats to our Ride Ops Team

Tony Clark |
May 29, 2020

Let’s take a moment to give some kudos.

Kudos to our entire Ride Operations team.

So we’re a little delayed in sharing this news (you know, with all the crazy things happening in the past few months), but we’re not any less proud.

Back in February, the team was honored with an “Audit Excellence Award” by International Ride Training, the third-party agency that we (and other well-known amusement parks) work with to ensure safe, consistent and standardized ride operator training.

(Our Ride Operations leadership team with the IRT team)

Why is this award a big deal?

Last season, auditors from IRT visited the park at random times during our season, unannounced, to observe and monitor how our Ride Ops associates handled guest interaction, safety protocols, actual ride operations and more.

Each time they visited, Cedar Point’s team received the highest rating, demonstrating the highest level of performance in safety, professionalism and engagement.

Our sister parks Valleyfair and Michigan’s Adventure were also among the five winners.

All of us at Cedar Point are committed to your safety while at the park. This is just one of the many ways we ensure our associates are properly trained and prepared so you’re able to have a fun and safe visit.

Go Ride Ops!