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Bye, 2016

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Are you thinking about what your last ride of the season will be? These Screamsters already chose theirs:

This coming weekend marks the end of HalloWeekends, but more importantly (and sadly), the final operating days of 2016.

We're wrapping it up with a few cool things. First, we want to raise some money for the Boys & Girls Club of Erie County, so we're going to offer seats on the very last rides on a few of our coasters for just $15 each. All proceeds go to them. Pick Valravn, Millennium Force, Maverick or GateKeeper, and enjoy the bragging rights! Purchase your ticket now before they sell out.

Plus, we're bringing back Good-Buy Day on Sunday, October 30. Everything must go! You'll be able to find deals on food, merchandise and games that you won't want to miss.

One more thing. 2017 Season Pass pricing is going up. Be sure you renew or purchase your 2017 Platinum Pass at the lowest price now through Monday. New Passholders will get a FREE Fast Lane Plus for this Friday or Sunday. Pretty sweet deal.

Help us out, support a great cause and close out the 2016 season at Cedar Point!

We'll see you there.

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Tony Clark

Enjoying Lake Erie views since 2005, Tony is the Director of Communications and oversees media relations, website content, social media, digital marketing and more. His favorite roller coaster is Millennium Force, of course, of course.

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