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Autism Awareness Week

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Autism Awareness Week

Tony Clark

Director of Communications

We know that as a family, you plan extensively for your trip to the park. If you have someone in your family on the autism spectrum, this planning may open up questions on how to navigate the park efficiently.

This week is Autism Awareness Week at Cedar Point, in partnership with the Autism Society of America. A trip to Cedar Point can be overstimulating, so we’re providing additional information for you to make your visit even better.

New Sensory Room

Earlier this year, we added a sensory room to FrontierTown First Aid, located around the corner from the Jitney Arcade.

This space provides a quiet area for families, as well as sensory tools to interact with.

It features soft & calming color tones, special lighting and seating.

You can also receive a “sensory pack” that includes headphones, fidget toys, non-verbal communication cards and weighted lap blankets. These are available for check out daily.

The Sensory Room is available during park operating hours to all guests.

Other Quiet Spaces

Inside the park, you can also use the following areas as great options to take a break and cool off. They are FrontierTown First Aid, the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy, Town Hall Museum in FrontierTown and Guest Services.

Live Entertainment

Several of our live shows are providing sensory-friendly performances this week, including Charlie Brown’s Funtime Frolics, Snoopy’s Sing-a-Long, PEANUTS Block Party, The Swell Tones, Traildust Trio, Bluegrass Jamboree and The Tomfooleries.

Food & Lighting

Several food locations provide gluten-free options, including Coasters Drive-In, Round Up, Mr. Potato, Sidewinder Sue’s and more.

For guests who are sensitive to strobe lighting or lighting effects, we’ve provided a list of locations that use them, including GateKeeper, Millennium Force, the Jack Aldrich Theatre, Palace Theatre and others.

Helpful Information

You can download this handout that has the full details on Autism Awareness Week, including everything mentioned above. You can also pick it up inside the park at Guest Services.

Finally, take a look at this article on Family Vacation Critic, which highlights Cedar Point as an autism-friendly destination.

If we can be of any further assistance, you can always reach out to us to ask a specific question.

Enjoy your visit!

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Tony Clark

Director of Communications

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