Accurate Merchandise

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Accurate Merchandise

Tony Clark |
June 20, 2019

Our Merchandise team spends a lot of time figuring out what souvenirs and wearables to bring into our shops each year.

Sometimes, vendors share ideas with us that we may not have thought about. 

But other times, we can accidentally be our own inspiration.

Let's run through a few new t-shirt designs, now available at Cedar Point. And they're all...well...poignant. 

You of course know about Happy Friar, located across from Gemini. Commemorate those fresh-cut fries and hot dog-on-a-stick favorites with this mascot shirt.


You could just accept our natural happenings with this one.


Celebrate the unique treats at the park. We have great treats, and I'm here for it. All of it.


Get a shirt that makes you happy. Especially after you've had a famous funnel cake. Made fresh while you wait.

And finally...

I don't really think these birds know how good they have it. But you can imagine a life with wings with this new t-shirt design. (By the way, please DO NOT EVER feed the seagulls - it's not good for them OR you. And they won't leave you alone!)

I also suggested a design we don't have (and I can't share it with you), but it suggests something else that may happen to you (or your car) while you're here that's...well, unpleasant. But makes for a good joke, as it's happened to many of us on the way to meetings, our cars or on the way to the front gate for an opening day not too long ago (don't ask).

You can pick these up at CP Shop, located underneath the Sky Ride station near the front gate. 

Much more cool stuff to show you from our Merchandise team, which we'll do very soon!