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A "Mine-r" Enhancment

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A "Mine-r" Enhancement

Tony Clark

Director of Communications

Remember Cedar Creek Mine Ride back in the 70's? 

So fresh and so new. It had just opened in 1969, after all.

Or how about this photo? (Peep the retro White Water Landing trash can - and if I may digress, I bug, er, remind our GM Jason McClure almost daily of how much I miss this ride. He's probably sick of me saying it!)

So what are we doing here?

We're not "RMC'ing" the ride.

We're not adding a tunnel or any effects in a said tunnel.

We're not removing it.

It's the little details that count, so last week, we restored the graphics you see in the above photos with a modern version: 

That's Sam from our sign shop painting the detail on the facade. For those wondering, we work outside as much as we can stand. So even though it's cooler out, it's not snowing or raining, so work has to be done.

On the other side, Todd from our painting crew is doing his part.

And the finished product:

Nods to the past. We haz dem. And there are probably a bazillion more to come as we approach our 150th Anniversary.

Is there something "old" that you'd like to see return to the Point? Let me know below. There's still some time to ask Jason for new/old toys!

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Tony Clark

Director of Communications

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