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A Look Inside Cedar Point's Express Hotel

Tony Clark |
March 24, 2017

I sound like a broken record sometimes.

I find myself saying, "there's so much happening right now!" over and over and over again. But it's true.

The sheer amount of projects is overwhelming. It's a sign that we're committed to ensuring our guests have the best day of the summer when they visit. And when I say "they," I really mean "you." 

You're going to enjoy a completely renovated Express Hotel

We added 69 new rooms to the building and basically gutted all the rest and started over. The result is quite stunning.

Much like the renovation at Hotel Breakers, this one is a sight to see.

So here's a little peek inside one of the renovated guest rooms.

There's all-new bedding, carpeting, window treatments and furniture.

If you've stayed here previously, you probably won't even recognize it. 

There's more to share as the progress wraps up, including the redesigned lobby and courtyard areas. 

Oh, and there's a surprise out in front of the hotel that we didn't talk about yet. And we'll share that when it goes in!

SO much more to come...