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Friday, July 25th, 2014

Thanks to everyone who joined us at this year's inaugural Coaster Campout event. Got lots of feedback and we're currently evaluating it as a whole.

For those that didn't get to participate, fear not. It's highly likely that we'll do it again next year. So stay tuned. We'll keep you posted on those developments. 

Let's move on to something unrelated. Kind of.

Speculation. Since you can't be here all the time, I decided to do some work on your behalf. I frequently see phrases online like, "hey - if anyone's there this weekend, take pics," etc. So I did.

I'm just going to put these here for you.

Do they mean anything?

I don't know. Do they? 

Anyone sweating yet? I am...


We won't make you wait a century...

...but don't trust the "Lemon Chill Guy."

And maybe, just maybe, don't trust mi?

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