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Cedar Point Amusement Park

More Ways to Play

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July 17

Breakfast Buffet with the PEANUTS Characters

8:00AM - 9:30AM
July 19

Dive-In Movies

September 14


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Don't miss what everyone is saying about Cedar Point.

Quite possibly our new favorite spot ❤️❤️#HotelBreakers @cedarpoint -- @jthompson3673

An Old Story Gets New Wheels

We've brought back another piece of our history. Care to take a ride?
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Without a doubt the best ride I’ve ever experienced - definitely the best way to spend my day off and it was well worth the wait. Incredible job, @cedarpoint -- @willeyeam18
@TonyClarkCP @cedarpoint my daughter only wants to ride #SteelVengeance not complaining, just saying😎 -- @wakkojq
I couldn't ever leave the Midwest cause I can't live without Cedar Point within 2 hours
Our view as we left. Cedar point. Well done @TonyClarkCP good times all 'round -- @MacBoy_Pro
Oh, you know. Just spending the morning eating breakfast and coloring with Charlie Brown! @cedarpoint -- @icawise
Cedar Point coasters ranked: 20. Honestly 19. you 18. can't 17. rank 16. CP 15. because 14. each 13. is 12. thrilling 11. and 10. classic 9. and 8. delivers 7. airtime 6. and 5. forces 4. in 3. different 2. ways 1. Steel Vengeance
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