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Cedar Point Amusement Park

More Ways to Play

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May 11

Opening Day

May 25

Forbidden Frontier Opening Weekend

June 7


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All Season Dining

All Season Dining

As Low As $99

Add All Season Dining to your Season Pass and enjoy lunch and dinner every visit in 2019!

Only valid for 2019 visits.

Funday Bundle

Funday Bundle

Admission, Meal & Parking Just $49.99

Includes Admission, Parking and a Single Meal Deal. With the Single Meal Deal, enjoy an entree, side and regular size fountain drink at one participating location.

Valid any one public operating day through September 2, 2019. Not valid for Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

2019 Platinum Pass

2019 Platinum Pass

Includes Unlimited Visits to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, Free Parking, and more!

Just 5 payments of $35.50*

*Initial payment required

Everyone Pays Kids Price

Everyone Pays Kids' Price

Just $45

Pay kids' price and save $28 off the front gate when you plan your 2019 Cedar Point visit now!


As Low As $29.99

Capture a day or a season of memories at Cedar Point with a FunPix digital photo pass.

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Don’t miss what everyone is saying about America’s Roller Coast®!

They hold the unlock the mystery. 🗝👣 Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, coming Summer 2019. -- @cedarpoint

New Year, New Corkscrew

There's a "change" coming to our Corkscrew roller coaster this season. What is it? Read more to find out!
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@cedarpoint My best moment this season was when this gentleman I had never met before won a choice prize and decided to give it to my daughter. It made her so happy -- @MitchWiz1
@cedarpoint Going to CP for the first time with my son and sparking his love for roller coasters!! ❤️ I have so many great memories at CP and now I'm making them with my kiddo. Doesn't get better than that. 😊 Thank you, @cedarpoint !
@cedarpoint When my son became the Sheriff of the day from the Mayor of Frontiertown during BBQ and Brew!! The pride and joy of the day is priceless! -- @kirlij
@cedarpoint Noel had a blast during her first visit. She was so excited to see how close her dad and Linus are. #BestFriends -- @OAAPNJesse
@cedarpoint This right here! Riding the most amazing coaster with my favorite man! 😍❤😘! We ❤😍 #steelvengeance ! -- @DVMDChell
I actually got to edit many of my Cedar Point photos today and they came out nice! #CedarPoint @cedarpoint -- @dailycoasterpic
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