Ride Nights

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Platinum Passholder Ride Nights

Please note: Ride Nights begin once the regular line of guests has cleared. Must have valid Platinum Pass to ride. Schedule subject to change at any time. Follow us on Twitter for day-of-event updates.

Date Ride
Saturday, May 21* Valravn
Sunday, May 22* Maverick
Thursday, June 9 GateKeeper
Thursday, June 23 Millennium Force & Rougarou
Thursday, July 7 Top Thrill Dragster & Raptor
Thursday, August 25 Valravn
Friday, September 2* Millennium Force & Rougarou
Saturday, September 3* Top Thrill Dragster & Raptor
Sunday, September 4* Valravn

*Season Passholder Appreciation night. All Regular & Platinum Season Passholders are invited to these exclusive ride times.