Ride Nights

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 Please note: Ride Nights begin once the regular line of guests has cleared. Must have valid Platinum Pass to ride.

Date Ride
Saturday, May 16 Rougarou & Millennium Force*
Sunday, May 17 Maverick*
Thursday, May 28 Raptor
Thursday, June 11 Top Thrill Dragster
Thursday, June 25 GateKeeper
Thursday, July 9 Rougarou & Millennium Force
Thursday, July 23 Maverick
Thursday, August 6 Top Thrill Dragster
Thursday, August 20 Raptor
Friday, September 4 GateKeeper*
Saturday, September 5 Top Thrill Dragster*
Sunday, September 6 Maverick*

*Season Passholder Appreciation night. All Regular & Platinum Season Passholders are invited to these exclusive ride times.