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Last Chance Saloon & Lusty Lil's Palace

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Last Chance Saloon/Palace Theatre

Last Chance Saloon/Lusty Lil's Palace

Where Maverick and Steel Vengeance rival each other across Frontier Town, there is a saloon serving up drinks and food to the hungry cowboys and cowgirls roaming down the main street. Last Chance Saloon and Lusty Lil’s Palace are two favorites of the townsfolk. Walk through the swingin’ doors and belly up to the bar. Not only will you find alcoholic beverages, like moonshine and draft beer, but you will also find food that will satisfy appetites of any size. Specialty nachos, popcorn, and peanuts are the perfect bar snacks to pair with a cold beverage. Pulled pork sandwiches, Southwest hot dog platters, chicken caesar wrap and quinoa salad is also available. Head next door to see what Lusty Lil is up to now! A variety of menu items fill the tables during and in between her shows. Whether you’re there for the food or the show, the air conditioned building will provide sweet relief from the hot sun outside.

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