Tweetup Rules


So, how does a Tweetup at Cedar Point work, anyway?

At various times throughout the operating season, Tony (@TonyClarkCP) will tweet a time and a place to meet to win stuff. Tweetups are not scheduled - they are done randomly and not every day.

Prizes up for grabs include the current year's collectible coin (won only during a Tweetup and only 500 are minted each year), front-of-the-line passes (lineskippies), sponsor prizes and other collectibles from our treasure chest. You can't get this stuff anywhere else. They're special.

To ensure safe and fun Tweetup-ing, we've established these rules. You can be disqualified for not following them:

  2. We will give a set location for where we will meet during a Tweetup. It can either be scheduled at a certain time, or a random surprise.
  3. Each person participating must each show the tweet on their device and must be officially following @TonyClarkCP on Twitter (no sharing of 1 device between a group of people).
  5. Special edition collector coins can only be won once a season. However, you can play to win other prizes for the duration of the current season.
  6. We have the right to deny giving out coins if we recognize you from a previous Tweetup. Please be honest so everyone has a chance to win.
  7. Rules are subject to change, but must be followed in order to win.
  8. Not everyone will win.
With your help, Tweetups can be fun for everyone! Now grab your mobile phone and follow @TonyClarkCP for your chance to win prizes! Good luck!