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Can't decide where to focus your attention at the roller coaster capital of the world? We're here to help! Just let us know what interests you, and we'll find the right experts, figures and fans to fit your angle.

GateKeeper: Raising the bar in innovation.

Cedar Point's first wing roller coaster reaches new heights in many ways. The ride sets three world records for the tallest drop, longest track and most inversions of any wing coaster on the planet. A state-of-the-art control center is at the heart of operations, and energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the trains. Aside from the screams of excitement, it is one of the quietest roller coasters ever built because the track is filled with sand. Using all the latest technology, GateKeeper has set new standards in the amusement industry.

Adding up the fun.

Ever wonder how many bolts it takes to build a world-class coaster or what it costs to replace a single wheel on the Top Thrill Dragster? Or how many gallons of pop our guests consume each year? Take a look at some of the astronomical numbers that make this park go round.

Offerings for every price point.

Recognizing that every consumer is unique, amusement parks all over the world are catering more and more to guests of all walks of life. Cedar Point's website, mobile app and new ticketing through Passbook™ make it easier than ever to offer flexibility to our guests. Guests can create customized hotel packages, buy prepaid meals, or add premium products such as Fast Lane for front-of-the-line access with the click of a mouse.

Coaster profiles guide.

With the addition of GateKeeper this year, Cedar Point now has 16 world-class coasters, earning it the title of Best Amusement Park in the World for 15 consecutive years. Each has its own unique characteristics. Which one has the best view of Lake Erie? Most gut-wrenching drop or terrifying tunnel? Which coaster is most recommended for first-time riders? Experience them all and give your readers a guide to hitting the highlights.

Stay with us.

Come and visit any of our six resorts, including the historic Hotel Breakers, dating back to 1905, or the luxurious Sandcastle Suites. We'll set you up with complimentary accommodations so you can give readers your recommendation. What's the best place to stay with young children? For someone on a budget? As a couple on their honeymoon?

The performers behind Luminosity.

Take a closer look at the talent we recruited this year to bring this high-energy show to life. It features performers from across the country, including several from your area. Learn what it takes to make the cut.

Working at the Point.

Each year, we recruit eager employees from throughout the world, ranging in age from 14-89. Feature employees from your area or interview our most senior employees to learn how much the park has changed since they first started more than 50 years ago. Learn how our international students have adapted to life on the North Coast.

On the Job.

Some of the most fascinating jobs in the world are right here on the peninsula. Ever wondered what it’s like to be the man behind the park's animation or the inspector who takes the elevator up the 420-foot lift to Top Thrill Dragster? What are the perks of being a mystery shopper? The ups and downs of the maintenance worker who walks the entire track of the Mean Streak each morning, starting at sunup? No matter what intrigues you, chances are, someone here gets paid to do it.

Training the next generation.

Cedar Point needs highly-trained engineers and ride mechanics to take the park through the 21st century. How does it cultivate this talent and find the best of the best? What dream jobs can today’s students aspire to at the park? How should they prepare for them?