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Blogger and Influencer Program

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Cedar Point Blogger and Influencer Guidelines

We’re looking for creative bloggers, YouTubers and social influencers to visit us for one of the opportunities below and help us tell our story. 

The program is now closed until summer, 2020. More information on story topics and opportunities will be released in May. 

For reference, here are the guidelines for the 2019 program:

Participants are asked to produce great content highlighting their visit to the park and these special events. Requirements for this content are as follows:


  • Content must include a detailed blog post, created on your website
  • Blog posts must be made available within 3 days of visit
  • Content must be shared across all social channels that writers maintain
  • Links to content must be shared with Cedar Point’s Communications Team


  • Influencers must post 3-4 pictures/videos/stories/live updates on each of their social platforms highlighting their experience at the park
  • Links to content must be shared with Cedar Point’s Communications Team

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in future denial of partnership. In all cases, photography of any kind is prohibited on the rides at Cedar Point. This includes GoPro, Google Glasses and other small recording devices. 

For consideration, please fill out the form below. Our team will contact you should your request be approved!