Musicians & Singer/Musicians


We are looking for the following:

Fiddle, Banjo, & utility players, Guitar (electric & acoustic), Percussionist (drum kit), Tuba, Sousaphone, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone and Keyboard players.

  • All instrumentalists must audition individually.
  • Our musicians are active performers in our shows. Be sure to show your personality!
  • Choose 2 selections of contrasting styles that demonstrate your versatility. (i.e. country, rock, pop.). Avoid highly progressive jazz & hard rock. Sight-reading may be requested.
  • We are looking for instrumentalists for our popular contemporary country & pop /rock shows, as well as brass musicians to perform in our Beach Band throughout the park.
  • Pianists: in addition to any songs you're preparing, please also include a ragtime piece for your audition.
  • Drummers: We are looking for drummers that blend well. Be prepared to play a variety of styles (i.e. pop, rock, rudiments). Percussionists should be proficient in drum kit. Please bring a bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat, one ride cymbal, and no more than 2 tom-toms. (Drum sets will be provided at the Sandusky audition site ONLY.)
  • Guitar players will need to provide amplifiers.
  • Utility players: please demonstrate proficiency on any instruments you play, including fiddle, harmonica, banjo, etc.
  • Vocals are a plus! If you can sing, please prepare a vocal selection; you may accompany yourself, if you would like.

Auditions Downloads

Not sure what to sing? We’ve got songs you can download and use for auditions! Click here for the complete list.