General Audition Info


  • The minimum age for all Live Entertainment employees is 18.
  • Pay rates are based on a 6-day show week. Camp Snoopy employees generally work 6 days, 45-50 hours per week.
  • Employees will be paid only for shows completed, unless cancellation is due to adverse weather conditions or technical difficulties. During rehearsal periods, long hours and a 7-day work week for all personnel are generally required. Performers requested to do extra shows for special park events will be reimbursed per job.
  • WORKING HOURS: A musician/performer work day includes approximately 4-6 shows per day varying in length from 15 to 35 minutes each, plus any necessary rehearsals scheduled by the production staff. Working hours and days off vary according to show assignments. After the shows are in, technicians work approximately 48 hours per week, with shifts dependant upon theatre assignments. Costume Shop personnel work 7 days during production weeks until all of the shows are in, and then work approximately 48 hours per week. Peanuts Characters may be asked to perform at special functions as needed in addition to their regular work week.
  • It is the responsibility of employees who use personal property as a part of their performance (musical instruments, strings, drum sticks, etc.) to maintain such property in good, usable, condition throughout the season. Entertainers should arrange for insurance coverage on such items as Cedar Point is not responsible for loss or damage to personal instruments or equipment.
  • Cedar Point will furnish costumes, shoes, and a limited supply of socks/tights. Females will need to supply their own make-up; males will not require make-up during the regular season.
  • Employees are responsible for their own travel arrangements to Cedar Point as well as their own housing while here. Multiple occupancy housing is provided at a reasonable cost for those who live more than 35 miles away. Meals are available in the Employee Cafeteria.
  • To help maintain Cedar Point’s public image, certain grooming standards have been established which apply to all employees. In particular for men: hair must be neatly trimmed and styled at all times, not to extend below the top of the collar, be over 2” in height, or cover more than one-third of the ear. Sideburns may not extend below the bottom of the earlobes and may not widen out. Beards are not permitted, but mustaches may be worn if maintained in a neat, trimmed manner. Males are not permitted to wear earrings of any kind. (Please refer to the website for more details.) Tattoos are also prohibited in certain locations on the body.
  • Schedules are published at the beginning of each season and cannot be altered for individual convenience (i.e. days off for weddings, graduation, etc.)