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International Employees

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International Employees
International Employees

International Employees

World-class service with lifelong friends.

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International Employees

Cedar Point welcomes international applicants each season! There's so much to do and so much fun to be had. Meet new friends from all over the world while providing world-class service to guests at the Best Amusement Park in the World!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Cedar Point?

Why not, Right?

Cedar Point is America’s premier theme park. We are home to 150 rides, shows, and attractions, including the addition of Valravn in 2016. We are visited by more than 3 million guests each year and home to more than 3000 associates—this could be you! Not only do we have roller coasters—Cedar Point is also home to many restaurants, merchandise stores, skill games, a marina, hotels, and more.

While working and living at Cedar Point you will be able to take part in the following associate only perks:

  • Free Admission to any Cedar Fair park
  • Associate Ride Nights
  • Activities, events, and trips around to popular U.S. locations
  • Bus Transportation to work location and local shops
  • New Friends from around the world! 

We look forward to having you on our team and we will see you in the park!

Things to Remember Before Traveling

1. Your Work Authorization Papers

You are going to need to make sure that you have your Passport, DS-2019, Social Security Card (if you already have it), and Visa with you when traveling to the United States. But you will also need these documents to complete your onboarding paperwork. We will help you obtain your I-94 card as well as your new social security card if this is your first time working in the states. 

2. Money

It is always a good plan to make sure that while traveling and before you get your first paycheck, that you have enough money to help you during emergencies. We are here to help you once you get to the park but during your travels, we want to make sure you are prepared for all situations. Depending on your arrival date, it may be more than 2 weeks before you receive your first paycheck. 

3. Clothes for All Types of Weather

Living on a lake brings beautiful views, mild climate conditions, and other delights. Be prepared for all types of weather conditions. 

4. A Great Attitude

Don't forget to bring your willingness to encounter new experiences. While you are with us, you are going to have the chance to have fun working, living with friends from home and new friends you made, engage in cultural events, and be a part of fun activities and events. Working at Cedar Point is like no other-- you are about to embark on an adventure!

How to Get to Cedar Point

We recommend traveling to Cleveland, OH. From the airport take the RTA (Rapid Transit Authority) RED LINE train to the Tower City- Public Square stop. Take an RTA bus to 15th and Chester Ave. Take a Greyhound bus (1465 Chester Ave.) to Sandusky, OH. Once in Sandusky, OH, take a taxi service to Cedar Point.

Visit for RTA schedules, maps, and fares. Please visit for current schedule information and pricing.

If you arrive after the last bus to Sandusky, we recommend spending the night at a hotel near the Cleveland airport and taking the first bus to Sandusky the following day or arranging your own transportation to Cedar Point.

Reminder: Please carry sufficient funds to cover meals and expenses for any unforeseen travel delays. Cedar Point is not able to pick up stranded students.

Sponsor Contact Information

All international applicants must go through a Work & Travel (WAT) sponsored agency in their home country to participate in any WAT program for Cedar Point, in the 2016 season (March - September). If interested in participating in WAT 2016, please contact the agency below for more details.

CIEE Work & Travel USA (Council on International Education Exchange) All participants must interview with a Cedar Point or a CIEE Work & Travel USA recruiter in order to participate. Independent program applications will not be considered for employment. Find out more about CIEE and the Work & Travel USA programs by visiting:

Work Authorization

International students studying in a US college or university must present a valid work authorization card or an I-20 form endorsed by a designated college/university official, in addition to their social security card, when they arrive for work.

All other J-1 visa international students hired by Cedar Point must possess a DS-2019 form specifying the work and travel program that is sponsoring the student for employment. Each student must also possess a valid passport, J-1 visa, and I-94 card.

Please be prepared to present all required documents when you check-in for work. (Failure to produce these documents will result in the delay or cancellation of your employment offer).

Social Security Number

All international student associates are required by law to apply for a Social Security number. Cedar Point will assist international associates with obtaining a Social Security number upon arrival at Cedar Point.

If you are a returning associate or you have already received a Social Security Number, please remember to bring that with you. It will expedite your time onboarding.

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Available Positions

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Food and Beverage Associate

Food and Beverage Associates are responsible for taking proper payment and making change for food items using a cash register. Food and Beverage Associates will take and complete food and beverage orders and notify kitchen personnel of shortages or special orders. Food and Beverage Associates are also responsible for using soda fountains to serve cold drinks and to make milkshakes and frozen desserts. Food and Beverage Associates will also be asked to cook and prepare food items to food safety standards.

Games Associate

Games Associates are responsible for overseeing the operation of the games of skill located throughout the park. Some responsibilities include communicating price and rules to play the games, overseeing game play between guests / players, neatly display game prizes, and conduct inventory on game prizes. Games Associates will determine winners and distribute prizes to the appropriate winners. Games Associates should be comfortable speaking and be outgoing in order to attract guests to their games. This will be done by using a microphone, speaking with enthusiasm and a high level of energy.

Life Guard

All Lifeguards are responsible for testing equipment before opening attractions and for maintaining the order of guests waiting in line. Lifeguards are responsible for checking and enforcing all ride restrictions and recommendations, observing and assisting with loading, unloading and communicating safety regulations. Lifeguards monitor and ensure the safety of guests and enforce waterpark and lifeguard rules.

Merchandise Associate

Merchandise associates are responsible for providing friendly greetings and conversations with guests who enter the retail stores. Merchandise Associates provide assistance as needed and demonstrate and sell merchandise to guests. Merchandise Associates display merchandise and suggestive selling of products to guests including homemade products such as candy apples, fudge and gourmet chocolate. Merchandise Associates will also be responsible for operating a cash register, giving correct change, monitoring the sales floor, and stocking shelves.

Rides Operator

Rides operators are responsible for enforcing ride restrictions and recommendations. Ride operators must enthusiastically deliver ride spiels and record ride capacity and cycles hourly. Rides operators must measure children before riding and give them the appropriate wristband based on their height. Rides operators will assist with loading and unloading the ride, verify safety restraints, and check the safety of equipment that is used daily.

Admission Associate

Admission and Toll Associates will assist guests with purchasing tickets, entering and exiting the park, and exchanging money. They will also have many opportunities to explain various pricing and discounts to guests. 

Costume Characters

Characters are fully costumed character who perform, greets guests, pose for pictures, and interact with all guests and their children throughout various indoor/outdoor locations in the park. Associates will be able to assume the role of the character while in the park. 

Traffic Associate

Traffic Associates are responsible for conducting the flow of Cedar Point traffic as cars are entering and exiting the park. These associates will work independently during shift but will have many opportunities to interact with every guest by answering questions and giving directions.

Associate Housing Associate

Housing Associates are responsible for ensuring that various areas among the Housing Campus is free of debris and looking clean. These associates will be able to interact with all associates working at Cedar Point.

Resort Associate

Resort Associates are responsible for ensuring that various areas among the Resort locations are operating at the peak conditions for our guests. Whether you are working at a Reservation host or a Linen associate your job is still guests focused. Reservation hosts, effectively sell the Resort properties by answering incoming telephone calls and reservations for four hotels, the campground, and cabins. While Linen associates will have responsibilities consisting of sorting, hanging and folding a variety of linens ranging from flat linens and towels to uniforms that will eventually be in the guests hands. These associates jobs are optimal in ensuring our guests have a pleasant stay.