Single Day Events

Single Day Events

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Why should we plan a park event?

Events at Cedar Point are special. No where else can you gather with your group or organization and enjoy the largest collections of rides and roller coasters on Earth!

What if everyone can't visit on the same day?

Cedar Point offers three options:

  • Special Event - valid only on reserved date(s).
  • Scheduled Event - valid on reserved date(s). Those unable to attend may still use the ticket any other day of the season by paying a $10 surcharge.
  • Good Any Day - valid any day of the operating season.

What if I want to provide a meal for the group?

We have great catered meal options at Cedar Point. From hot dogs to prime rib, we’ll help you find a meal that makes your taste buds (and your budget) happy.

I think I’m interested in more information. What do I do now?

Click here and we will be more than happy to discuss you needs, helping you plan the perfect group outing.